“Give it to me” Disguised Toast’s latest attempt at humour upsets Miyoung

This article talks about a recent incident in which disguised toast managed to upset Miyoung yet again. The streamer does this on many occasions and miraculously gets away with it

Disguised Toast and Miyoung
Disguised Toast and Miyoung

Disguised Toast and Miyoung are the talks of the town in the streamer community. They do things together and the results are almost always exceedingly hilarious. Toast has a legendary history of trying to nab Miyoung’s dog Nabi and make it his own and Miyoung has a legendary history of trying to give Toast crazy gifts. In a recent stream, Toast visible upset Miyoung after he said something that he shouldn’t have.

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What did Disguised Toast say?

“So chat you notice in Duos mode once you win your fight you hop on to your teammates fight” Toast said as he was playing Teamfight Tactics with Miyoung. “As you can see my teammate is getting her cheeks clapped but its ok because I am a god and come over to help her” Toast said while talking to his chat.

“Are you serious?” Miyoung asked Toast and this was when he realised that he left his Mic on and Miyoung had heard everything he said. “Oh wait I am not muted Shhhhhh” Toast made a sound trying to shush someone.

Disguised Toast regret
Disguised Toast instantly regretted saying what he did

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How did Miyoung react?

Miyoung was visibly and understandably upset at the comment that Toast made. “Give it back!” she said as Toast stole her champion from her. Even though Miyoung was upset she brushed it off and Toast kept on roasting her. “Notice how it’s all my units alive?” Disguised Toast kept prodding Miyoung. “Maybe if you give my stuff back” still desperately requesting Toast with no results.

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