“I am getting married Today” Miyoung shares important details with her community

This article talks about what Miyoung said about getting married and how her entire community responded to it.

Miyoung said that she was getting married
Miyoung said that she was getting married

Miyoung is one of the most popular streamers on the Twitch platform right now. She joined the platform in 2020 and within a span of two years rose to fame. Yet, there is little known about her personal life as she is a very private individual and likes keeping it that way. What little we know is through fellow streamers like Disguised Toast who expose her private life to Twitch audiences just for fun as she runs away in embarrassment. But on a recent stream she revealed something very important.

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What did Miyoung say?

Miyoung said that she was getting married
Miyoung said that she was getting married

“Ayways for those of you who are here early I am indeed getting married today” she said with a subtle smirk on her face indicating that she was clearly trolling her community, “In the sims ok? In the sims!”. She then proceeded to lay out the entire plan for her sim about how her sim was going to marry the first sim they met.

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How did her chat react?

“I am getting married before wendy!” she said while laughing because she knew she had trolled the chat hard. The entire chat had sarcastically congratulated her as she kept covering her mouth in Sykkuno style. “Guys don’t tell her but I am getting married before her!” she continued torlling Natsumiii.

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