“I am joking!” Pokimane accidentally exposes the secret of how much she earns then tries to cover it up

This article talks about what Pokimane accidentally said about her Twitch earnings and whether there is any truth to that.

Pokimane accidentally exposed how much she earned
Pokimane accidentally exposed how much she earned

Pokimane is often referred to as the queen of Twitch due to her popularity of the platform so much so that she has become the face of the platform for many people. It is safe to say that Pokimane makes a pretty large sum of money, but no one knows how large that sum is. In a recent stream, Pokimane might’ve accidentally talked about her earnings. So what big amount does one of the most popular streamers on Twitch earn?

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Why did Pokimane accidentally expose it?

"I am already a millionaire" Pokimane said
“I already got millions” Pokimane said

“Why don’t you start an Only Fans? You’ll make millions in weeks” a person in the chat asked as she casually read the message then she looked at the camera for a few seconds. “I already got millions” she said as she laughed it off until realising that she might’ve said something she wasn’t supposed to.

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What did she do after she said this?

“I’m just kidding!” she said and apologized to her chat for joking about this. “I’m joking but I am also not. But also please stop asking questions like that” she further explained that this question was inappropriate because she didn’t think taking her clothes off to make money was a great business idea and it annoyed her.

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