“I don’t know” Disguised Toast talks about his crush on Miyoung

This article talks about what Disguised Toast revealed to his viewers about having a crush on Miyoung.

Disguised Toast and Miyoung
Disguised Toast and Miyoung

Disguised Toast is one of the original members of OfflineTV, the content group that got a lot of people through the pandemic via their among us streams. The group has made a large impact in the online social media entertainment groups, particularly in the sector of streaming. Among this Toast has been known for his entertaining personality which gets him many admirers, but one person resists his charm. That person is Miyoung and Toast talked about his crush on her recently.

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What was Disguised Toast doing?

Disguised Toast talked about his crush on Miyoung
Disguised Toast talked about his crush on Miyoung

He was in the Valorant matchmaking screen waiting for his fellow streamers to join in the voice chat so he can have someone to play. To pass the time he decided to play the age-old character guessing game of Akinator. “Alright chat give me someone else. Try Miyoung?” he said when his chat suggested he try to check whether the Artificial Intelligence knows Miyoung.

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What did Disguised Toast say about Miyoung?

Toast began answering a series of questions asked by Akinator. “Does your character eat human organs? I don’t know for sure!” he said as he clicked on the not sure option and eventually he reached the question everyone was waiting for. “Have you ever had a crush on your character?” he read, “I don’t know hehe!” It seems Toast realizes how much his audience ship him and Miyoung so he is definitely taking advantage of it.

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