“I don’t know this guy” Disguised Toast tries extremely hard to rename Miyoung

This article talks about another one of Toast's futile attempts to annoy Miyoung and how Miyoung responded to them.

Disguised Toast and Miyoung
Disguised Toast and Miyoung

Disguised Toast and Miyoung often duo queue for many games including their most recent one, Ready or not. Toast has a way of trolling and annoying people that never makes them angry. In fact, they admire the way he does this as they laugh at it. But Miyoung is an exception who constantly voices her annoyance at Toast’s crazy attempt at annoying her. This time Disguised Toast’s attempt produced the same reaction from her.

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What did Disguised Toast tell Miyoung?

Miyoung was embarrassed and annoyed but that didn't stop Toast
Miyoung was embarrassed and annoyed but that didn’t stop Toast

Toast and she were playing a co-op platformer game while the regular bickering was taking place between them.”Tina?” she said referring to TinaKitten, “Why are we talking about Tina?” Toast said after which Miyoung told him that she was in her chat asking whether they can play Valorant together. That’s when Toast started to rename Miyoung, “To see the world’s most famous Opmina” Toast said.

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How did Miyoung react to this?

Toast also tried other names such as Vandamina and Phantomina. “I don’t know what he’s saying” Miyoung giving an expression that denied that she ever knew who Toast was, treating him like a random streamer that she encountered on the street. This didn’t stop Toast as he continued to embarrass her.

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