“I got banned” Amouranth is alarmed by a recent incident in Just dance 2021

This article talks about how Amouranth's just dance 2 account was hacked and what were her reactions to the same.

Amouranth Just dance 2
Amouranth is known for playing a lot of Just dance 2

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is known to get herself in a lot of controversies. Whether she does this willingly or unwillingly is up for debate but what is certain is that this gets her a lot of attention and she knows how to exploit it. However, this time the controversy stirred up wasn’t her fault at all. In a rare instance in her streaming career the newest controversy under the label of ‘Amouranth’ isn’t the fault of any content she put up that would be considered controversial.

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What happened to Amouranth’s Just dance 2021 account?

Her Just Dance 2021 has been hacked by hackers whose identity is unknown, but what is known is that they changed her account name to “Twitch Sl*t”. Amouranth is often targeted for her ‘questionable content’ on Twitch which have her wearing what many believe is suggestive clothing.

She gets a lot of hate from many streamers who believe that she will be stealing their views by her hot tub streams, dancing streams, etc. Any one of those streamers could have sent hackers her way or maybe it is just a bunch of independent haters who did this to her. Either way in a recent Vice interview Amouranth stated how she deals with haters and it seems she’ll know how to deal with these too.

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How did she react to this?

Amouranth reacted in shock and disappointment at Ubisoft because they had banned her account after the hackers changed her name. This is understandable as she had no control over what was happening. She was also visibly upset over what her username was changed to. Many people think that the only thing she is good at it looking good and using that to her advantage and it seems that she is a bit touchy about that.

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