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“If he yells at you” Disguised Toast gets exposed by Miyoung in front of Ramee

This article talks about how Toast reacted to meeting his fellow FB gaming streamer Ramee for the first time

Disguised Toast and Ramee

There was a time when the legendary Disguised Toast was part of Facebook gaming due to a contract. Toast immediately regretted signing the contract and realised that he had doomed him by signing onto Facebook’s gaming platform which wasn’t doing very well. He was exceedingly happy when his contract ended and he started streaming on Twitch again. On a recent stream of Valorant with the same suspects, Toast finally got to meet fellow streamer Ramee who is now part of Facebook gaming’s roster of talents.

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Who is Ramee?

Ramee is an Egyptian streamer who is well known for streaming GTA on Twitch and is especially popular on the game’s No Pixel roleplaying community. Ramee had switched to Facebook gaming in the beginning of December 2021 and has been exclusively streaming on that platform ever since.

Ramee has been exclusively streaming on FB gaming

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What did Miyoung say about Disguised Toast?

Ramee joined the discord chat while they were getting ready to queue up for a Valorant match. “Nice to meet you Ramee for the first time” Toast said as he Ramee joined and Ramee confirmed that he had never played with Toast before. “If he yells at you he likes you” Miyoung told Ramee to prepare him for Toast’s intense personality.

“I like anyone who is on the Facebook platform” Toast said trying to counter Miyoung and he managed to amuse everyone when he said it. “It is a connection that now all streamers share” Toast said subtly trying to roast Facebook gaming which he secretly hated.

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