“I’m so wet” Plushys makes a weird statement and doesn’t realize it

This article talks about how Pulshys unintentionally said something extremely awkward on live stream and how her friends reacted to it.

Plushys said something extremely weird
Plushys said something extremely weird

Plushys is another streaming name that is popular among the more the Twitch community. While not as popular as bigger names such as Disguised Toast and Pokimane but she has a pretty big following on Twitch. Recently, she has taken to streaming the popular free-to-play MMORPG Lost Ark which hit the stores earlier this month and was all the rage among streamers. She was streaming with ChocoBars and Natsumii when she said something extremely weird.

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What did Plushys say?

"I am wet!" Plushys was heard streaming while playing lost ark
“I am wet!” Plushys was heard streaming while playing lost ark

She and her streaming friends were doing a boss battle in the game Lost Ark. As anyone who plays MMORPGs can vouch, boss battles tend to be incredibly tedious and require a lot of focus. So, it is obvious that there are words exchanged that players wish they had never said, she was fighting a water boss and that’s when those words came out of her mouth. “My screen is wet, I’m so wet!” she said trying to appear completely oblivious to her words, it seems that Kimi knows how to get the attention of the audience.

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What happened after she said it?

“What?” JummyChu is heard saying as he was trying to process what he had just heard from her mouth. The rest of her friends were in utter disbelief over what had happened and were laughing it off as just another error. “What?” Plushys said appearing to be innocent and oblivious, but those with keen eyes could see that she was just pretending.

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