“I love other races”, iShowSpeed apologizes as he’s accused of being racist towards a fan at FIFA World Cup 2022

“I love other races”, iShowSpeed apologizes as he’s accused of being racist towards a fan at FIFA World Cup 2022

Image Credits: Manchester Evening News

Controversy seems to follow the steps of YouTuber Darren ‘iShowSpeed’ wherever he goes. The content creator has once again found himself in hot waters after a clip of him throwing racist comments at a Chinese fan went viral across social media. After realizing about the viral clip, he issued an apology claiming he had no such intentions.

He took to Twitter and responded to the accusations made on him. “No, I wasn’t bring racist to him bro, I promise.” He explained that he thought that the person was a Japanese and as he watches a lot of anime, he thought of greeting him in Japanese but when he got to know that he is actually a Chinese, “I tried to say a nickname they call me in Chinese,” he stated.


He further continued that he had no idea his comments would be interpreted in this way as he went at the World Cup to make content and watch his idol in flesh. “I love other races. I didn’t really mean to come off as racist,” he claimed while simultaneously apologizing to Asian people, if he had hurt their sentiments in any way.

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Why is iShowSpeed being called a racist?

"I love other races", iShowSpeed apologizes as he's accused of being racist towards a fan at FIFA World Cup 2022
Image Credits: Dexerto

iShowSpeed flew to Qatar, the host nation for this year’s FIFA World Cup, so that he could get a glimpse of his football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. Speed, unfortunately met with disappointment once again as he got to know that Ronaldo has been benched from the playing XI.


Although he enjoyed his time at the IRL stream during Portugal vs Switzerland R16 match as he met several fans at the pavilion. One of the interactions, however turned against him. As Speed was filming himself, he came across a Chinese fan and asked him, “Why are you wearing Argentina top bro”?

When the concerned person claimed that he doesn’t understand English, iShowSpeed greeted him with ‘Konicchiwa’, which is ‘Hello’ in Japanese. The person, however, tried to make him understand that he was a Chinese. On hearing this, the content creator started uttering comments that were apparently a mock at his culture.

This particular clip was a part of iShowSpeed’s latest YouTube video which was a IRL video streaming the World Cup match. It went instantly viral as everyone started terming the YouTuber as racist.


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How did others react to his apology video?

The apology video made on Twitter was not met well with the audience as people refused to believe that those gestures weren’t racist. One of the users also showed a clip where he was seemingly mocking at some Indian people.

Although iShowSpeed got involved in another controversy, he had a good time watching the match as his idol’s national team won the match with 6 goals against Switzerland, with Ramos putting up a spectacular hat-trick and taking his team forward to the quarter finals.


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