“Its the worst” Fuslie gets an honest opinion from PeterParkTV

This article talks about what PeterParkTV honestly thinks about living with the popular Twitch streamer Fuslie.

Fuslie and PeterParkTV
Fuslie and PeterParkTV

Fuslie is a content creator for 100 thieves who has been streaming alongside with OfflineTV for a very long time. She plays many games with the likes of Disguised Toast, Valkyrae and LilyPichu. She was often a part of their Among us lobbies and then part of the OfflineTV rust server. She has come a long way since then and now she has been living with another streamer who is friends with OfflineTV, PeterParkTV and recently he shared his opinion about living with her.

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What did PeterParkTV say?

Fuslie and PeterParkTV have been living together
Fuslie and PeterParkTV have been living together

“So can you tell us what its like to live with another full-time streamer?” Fuslie asked him in the interview. “Oh it’s the worst” he said, “I would highly recommend against it”. He later clarified that he was just kidding and when he proceeded to say something that was covered by a bleeping sound.

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How did Fuslie react to it?

She took it in stride and when the beeping sound occurred she found humour in it. “If that’s how you feel great!” she said as Peter struggled to explain that it was his cat that was causing the sound. This was followed by more beeping sounds which Peter clarified came from Fuslie’s end. She had taken the opportunity to extract the most humor out of the situation.

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