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“Lily didn’t make the cut” LilyPichu gets horribly left behind by Michael Reeves

This article talks about a recent incident in which Michael Reeves Brutally roast LilyPichu. The entire discord chat was in awe of the moment as well.

LilyPichu and Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves and LilyPichu have an odd relationship where one consistently abuses the other for fun. It is a running gag that Lily abuses Michael for fun and most of their chats play along with it. But never has Michael so brutally roasted Lily as he did recently, it left the entire discord chat containing Fuslie and Natsumiii to name a few were left in awe of his frank and brutal savagery which caught Lily off guard.

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What did Michael Reeves say?

“If there was a zombie apocalypse and you had to pick three friends, who would you pick?” Natsumiii said as she also mentioned that LilyPichu has to be one of them. Lily began to reply by telling Natsumiii that they’d bring Natsumiii and Michael. “Then by proxy you’d bring me because without me you’d be too sad, so thank you for that” LilyPichu said referring to Michael in whatever she said.

Then it was Michael’s turn to tell about his friend combo for the apocalypse. Witout any hesitation he stated that he’d bring three of his closest friends excluding Lily from the list completely. “Lily didn’t even make the cut” one of the members of the chat said as the entire chat burst into laughter.

Michael Reeves roasted LilyPichu

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How did LilyPichu react?

As the entire chat burst into laughter even Lily joined them. Michael was trying to explain his line of reasoning that is when Lily interrupted him in support. “No I’d gladly give my seat for Jin” Lily replied to the chat while laughing at Michael’s unexpected reply. She used that specific name because he and the three names Michael used before are all members of the global phenomenon that is the Korean band BTS.

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