“Lower” Disguised Toast and Lilypichu live on the edge for 3 minutes

“Lower” Disguised Toast and Lilypichu live on the edge for 3 minutes

Disguised Toast has been dragging LilyPichu into controversial stuff for a while now

Many streamers on Twitch do end up saying things that are controversial and Disguised Toast is definitely on that list. Recently on a stream with LilyPichu, he was playing a game that required him to guess which option had a higher number of Google searches in them. During the guessing session, Lily helped Toast guess the correct answer while Toast made some statements which he regretted later on.

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What was the first controversial thing Disguised Toast said?

The first question that was thrown the duo’s way was to guess whether Jet Li or Noah’s Ark had more Google searches. “Lower” Lily said to which Toast doubted her answer and Lily changed her reply by saying higher. “You should be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian” she said as Toast began to voice his thought process.

“Do people care about Religion?” Toast voiced out loud. “There is a lot of religious people” she said answering his question and she kept emphasising this point to make toast believe the obvious. “Yeah, but they don’t have internet otherwise they wouldn’t be religious” Toast said after he kindly requested the audience to not cancel him. Lily tried to reinforce this fact further by stating that Toast never meant what he said.

disguised toast
disguised toast immediately regretted what he said

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What was the second controversial thing the duo said?

If this wasn’t enough Disguised Toast ended up saying another offensive thing and this time he didn’t even realise it. The second choice he was given was between Game of Thrones and Islam. “Is game of thrones more popular than religion?” he pondered to himself and that was when he said the second controversial thing.

“Will they search the google term ‘Islam’ versus other languages as well right?” he said. This was taken by more sensitive members of the community as being an indication that Toast was linguistically discriminating against an entire religion. However, more reasonable and level headed minds ended up concluding that he didn’t mean it in an offensive way.

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