“There’s a clear goal with OTK here”, Ludwig and other streamers react as Mizkif gets removed from OTK’s board of duties

“There’s a clear goal with OTK here”, Ludwig and other streamers react as Mizkif gets removed from OTK’s board of duties

Mizkif and Ludwig

Content creator’s organization One True King (OTK) made a surprising announcement yesterday after revealing that Mizkif, one of their founding members, has been removed from the board of duties, which exempts him from taking part in official talks as he will just remain a content creator under their organization.


The announcement came through Twitter where the organization revealed that they were investing the Mizkif case since September 20 from a third party law firm, to determine whether the streamer was proven guilty regarding the controversy of covering up a se*ual assault against a streamer for one of his friends.

“Investigation council did not find direct evidence that Mizkif attempted to minimize or cover up se*ual assault as alleged”, they stated on their Twitter post while simultaneously claiming that they were disappointed with the creator’s callous behavior on his comeback stream as it showed lack of empathy from his side.

OTK has also decided to keep him on ‘monitored probation’ until he decides to uphold the organization’s values, but it was made it clear to the audience that his status as a content creator has been reinstated. Concluding their official statement, the organization reiterated that they do not entertain such members who have been put under some grave accusations.


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Ludwig and prominent streamers react to OTK’s decision

"There's a clear goal with OTK here", Ludwig and other streamers react as Mizkif gets removed from OTK's board of duties
Mizkif (Image Credits: Game Rant)

Renowned YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren presented the latest episode of Mogul Mail where he discussed about the ongoing situation of OTK (One True King) following their official statement. He described that Mizkif covering up the se*ual assault case of his friend CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee didn’t seem to be true.

What is true, he continued to say, “in what OTK did punish him for were his actions on his comeback stream October 11, which demonstrated a lack of empathy and ignorance towards the seriousness of the situation.” Following this, Ludwig provided his own opinion on Mizkif’s comeback stream after he went silent for a certain period of time.

“Fine, that’s up to him, you know the investigation wasn’t over, it was going on a while, he missed streaming, but his comeback stream was lightly embarrassing.” The Mogul Mail owner discussed the flaws in that stream which might have led to the current situation with Mizkif.


Streamer Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” on the flip side, stated that he wishes to know the minute details of this controversy as the whole situation was public until now, OTK should publicize the results as well.

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Community reactions

The OTK and streaming community was left divided on the decision taken by the concerned members of the organization regarding Mizkif. Some of the people were clearly unhappy that his contract had been reinstated.

Mizkif was last seen livestreaming on Twitch and informing his viewers that he’d be visiting Japan but people should not expect him to stream there. Ever since that, the streamer has not been seen on the platform.


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