“Mizkif is the king!” Pokimane gives her honest opinion of Mizkif

This article talks about Pokimane's honest opinion about Mizkif that she gave during one of her recent streams on Twitch.

Pokimane and Mizkif
Pokimane and Mizkif

Pokimane and Mizkif go way back as both the streaming giants have known each other for many years. This means that they have a very special relationship with each other because they knew the other person before they became famous. Miz has even helped Poki when the drama between her and JiDion occurred, coming in complete support of her when she asked him to. But Pokimane gave her honest opinion about Mizkif in one of her recent streams.

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What was Pokimane doing?

Pokimane was voting for the streamer awards
Pokimane was voting for the streamer awards

A lot of streamers are voting for the streamer awards right now. They are doing this on live stream and a lot of people including Disguised Toast and Sykkuno have done so. It was only time until Poki decided to do a stream in which she was voting for the same. She also gave all the possible reasons why she was voting for someone.

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Why did Pokimane choose Mizkif?

“Shroud dude!” she said as she voted him for the best FPS streamer category. Then she scrolled down to reach the Best Just chatting streamer category. She was conflicted between the two choices of HasanAbi and Mizkif until she had a realization. “I would give it to Hasan if it was a political category” she said, “but Miz is king of just chatting. he basically runs his show like its Ellen or Oprah”

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