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“Poki will leave someday” Pokimane’s secret revealed by Disguised Toast and Valkyrae

This article talks about how Disguised Toast gave Vlakyrae some interesting insight into the future of Pokimane's streaming career.

Disguised Toast and Valkyrae were talking about interesting topics and they eventually landed on Pokimane. The three of them have known each other and have been streaming with each other since the beginning. These three names got especially popular playing Among us during 2020 and have become legends in that game. Valkyrie was a welcome face on the OTV podcast and both Toast and her revealed some interesting details about Poki.

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What happened with Pokimane?

Recently she revealed that her contract with Twitch had ended. There is speculation that after the DMCA strike she received this year Poki might consider switching to YouTube from Twitch. There are rumours as always, but there is no solid evidence to support this claim. Her fellow streamer Disguised Toast and Valkyrae chipped in their opinions about her future decisions.

Pokimane’s Twitch contract ended

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What did Disguised Toast and Valkyrae say?

“Do you think that they have a fear that Poki will leave someday?” Valkyrae asked Toast to get his opinion on the recent hot topic. Toast thought about it a bit and then gave his opinion. “Poki is someone who has always struck me as someone more interested in long term spotlight” Toast said adding his insightful opinion on the topic, “right now Twitch is still the top dog”. He also continued by saying that Pokimane values Twitch’s ‘top dog’ status a lot and added that she had definitely been offered a lot of contracts on other streaming platforms.

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