“She’s so small and angry!” Miyoung’s Silly teasing annoys Yvonnie

This article talks about how Miyoung brutally teased Yvonnie so much that Yvonnie switch on her famous 'angry mode'.

Yvonnie and Miyoung
Yvonnie and Miyoung

While Disguised Toast and Miyoung ‘kkatamina’ or Disguised Toast and Yvonnie might be two famous duos, there is one that is less known and talked about, Miyoung and Yvonnie. Both of them are prominent Twitch streamers who are Members of OTV. They have played many games together such as League of Legends and Valorant, but never have they achieved the status of a comedic duo until recently when kkatamina began brutally teasing Yvonnie on her stream.

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What did Miyoung do to Yvonnie?

Miyoung was patting a face camera footage of Yvonnie
Miyoung was patting a face camera footage of Yvonnie

She was seen patting the live stream face camera video of Yvonnie. “She’s so small!” she said while she was obviously enamoured by mini-Yvonnie’s cuteness. Yvonnie obvious wasn’t amused by this and gave her a reply in return which left kkatamina unphased. “She’s so small angry, she can fit in my hand!” she said as she continued patting her.

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How did Yvonnie react to this?

“Are you serious Miyoung?” Yvonnie is heard saying as she couldn’t believe what was happening. This made Yvonnie angry and this is what she is known for in the OTV community. “Get a load of this!” she said as she pulled nose back while looking at the face cam, but this didb’t stop Miyoung after this point Yvonnie gave up and accepted her fate.

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