“This is what she sent me” Valkyrae sends an extremely angry message to Pokimane

This article talks about an extremely heated voice note that Valkyrae sent Pokimane and what it contained.

Valkyrae and Pokimane
Valkyrae and Pokimane

Pokimane and Valkyrae have known each other for a long time. Both of them are among of the top female streamers on Twitch and they are also associated with OfflineTV, Pokimane being a Member and Rae often appearing on their streams. They are also extremely good friends both having lived in the same house for a year when Pokimane moved out of the OfflineTV house to a place that was nearby. So, there’s bound to be an exchange of heated messages between both of them.

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Why did Valkyrae send Pokimane the voice note?

Valkyrae scolded Pokimane for walking on the streets alone late at night
Valkyrae scolded Pokimane for walking on the streets alone late at night after seeing her story

“I need to play you guys the funniest f**king voice note” Pokimane told her chat after which she mentioned that the voice note was from Valkyrae, “Rae saw my story and this is what she sent me”. It seems that Poki had posted a story on Instagram when she was alone on the streets of Los Angeles late in the night. She said that a guy sexually harassed her and told her “Let’s see what’s up that skirt” and Valkyrae was obviously pissed at this.

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What did the voice note contain?

“If you ever walk alone at night ever again I am going to f**king murder you. You are not allowed to be outside by yourself at night.” Valkyrae is heard saying in the voice note. She is known to be extremely overprotective of her friends and this clearly shows that. “I am so glad you’re safe but what the f**k?” she further added as Pokimane laughed at the extremely funny voice note.

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