“Toast got me this!” Disguised Toast sends Miyoung a gift from Canada

This article talks about how Disguised Toast sent Miyoung something very special from Canada. It seems he has ways of dropping in on others streams.

Disguised Toast and Miyoung
Disguised Toast and Miyoung

Disguised Toast has been in Canada for quite a while. He had gone back recently to be with his family but that hasn’t stopped from dropping in on other people’s streams directly or indirectly. Recently, he managed to indirectly drop on Miyoung’s by sending her something special that she really likes. This has further increased speculations whether Toast and Miyoung are friends or something more. But it definitely shows that Toast really cares about his friends.

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What did Toast send Miyoung?

Disguised Toast sent Miyoung some Sushi
Disguised Toast sent Miyoung some Sushi

“Toast got me Sushi!” Miyoung said as she excitedly revealed a big box of Sushi that Toast had ordered while he was in Canada.” Thanks Buddy! POG” she said as she prepared the chopsticks to eat her new gift. The chat was trolling both of them and made a lot of suggestions where Toast discovered the Sushi. “I think he found it in the mountains” Miyoung said responding to one of her chat’s suggestions.

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Why did Disguised Toast send Miyoung some Sushi?

Disguised Toast is known for being the all-around good guy of OfflineTV. Despite being one of the greatest troll masters in the history of streaming he is someone who cares a lot about his fellow streamers. It could just be a friendly gesture or both of them could be trolling their communities by subtly hinting that they are dating. How long will this trolling last? As long as Toast pleases is everyone’s guess.

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