Valkyrae dismisses new hairstyle concept after Miyoung’s new look

Miyoung asked Valkyrae if she would cut her hair short, she listed out reasons why that might never happen.

Valkyrae dismisses new hairstyle concept after Miyoung’s new look

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The Gaming Creator of the Year for 2020, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter was asked by a viewer if she would consider cutting her hair short. The YouTube sensation made sure that her fans knew that’s not happening anytime soon. Although, she is known for cosplaying and new styles, this was maybe asking for too much for the content-creator.

In a live broadcast with fellow streamer Miyoung “Kkatamina” Kim who recently cut her hair short, Valkyrae was seen with a new hairstyle. The new hairstyle urged the fans to ask the inevitable question, if she would ever go down the same path as Miyoung. Valkyrae’s response left Miyoung confused and she couldn’t help but chuckle on the reasons that Valkyrae came up with.

Valkyrae reacted to Miyoung’s haircut on a livestream in November of 2022, saying “It’s so cute”. She also responded to Miyoung’s post on Twitter with “NAHHHHHH EVERY MAN IS GETTING THE MIYOUNG CUT. THATS YOUR HAIRCUT NOW”. Her response was way different when fans asked her if she would consider getting a similar cut.

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Miyoung asks Valkyrae if she would consider cutting her hair short

Valkyrae dismisses new hairstyle concept after Miyoung's new look
Image Credits: Talk Esports

Miyoung asked Valkyrae if she’s ever going to cut her hair super short to which she replied “No.”. She added “If I’m like 75 and I have like 17 kids, 15 cats, 5 husbands yeah, I’ll just cut my hair then” and chuckled. She also went on to explain various details about her hair and why she would refrain from doing so.

The co-owner of 100 Thieves went on to explain to the viewers that it takes more time for her hair to grow. The American internet personality also described her hair to be naturally curly which will result in an afro if she ever went through with it.

Valkyrae also mentioned that it’s difficult for her to take care of her hair which contributes to her having damaged hair and split-ends. The streamer has been seen in various new looks but let her fans know she’s not cutting her hair super short. The YouTuber has also tweeted that it took her over 9 years for her hair to grow initially, therefore, cutting it super short does seem like asking for too much.

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