“What do you think I am arriving means?” AriaSaki get dragged by Jamie into seriously risqué territory

This article talks about a recent stream in which AriaSaki rethought the meaning of the words "I'm arriving" thanks to iGumDrop

AriaSaki and iGumDrop
AriaSaki and iGumDrop

AraiSaki was feeling very well for the past few weeks so she has been hanging with Pokimane and Jamie ‘!GumDrop’ Horan more frequently. The popular streamer who is known for her cooking streams was feeling extremely low recently. She shared this with fans who supported her a lot and it seems Aria is doing much better after hanging out with Poki and Jamie. But it does have its draw as Aria learnt on a recently stream where !GumDrop educated her on what a few terms mean.

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What did iGumDrop tell AriaSaki?

Aria was shocked to find out what Jamie meant by 'I am arriving'
Aria was shocked to find out what Jamie meant by ‘I am arriving’

“What do you think I’m arriving means?” Jamie asked Aria as both of them were baking some cookies. “I am arriving? Like you’re getting to a place?” Aria replied while skilfully cutting the cookies into shape. “Ok I am messed up then” Jamie replied after which she proceeded to explain that the day before she and her friend pull out over their car and she told her that she was the last person to arrive has to drink. “I thought arriving meant finishing” She added and Aria asked her finishing what as she focused on her cookies, “Like…. like an orgasm”.

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How did Aria react to this?

Aria gave Jamie a look that was a mixture of shock and disapproval. “Jamie!” AriaSaki said as she hid her face from iGumDrop and got busy making cookies again. “I am looking for a friend who would think the same thing I would, I thought Aria would” Jamie said with some anxiety. “Arriving?!” AriaSaki said while still recovering from the shock of Jamie’s words.

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