“Why did you have a dream about me?” Sykkuno confronts Fuslie about the weird dream she had

This article talks about a dream that Fuslie had regarding Sykkuno which makes people wonder what does she think of him.

Sykkuno and Fuslie
Sykkuno and Fuslie

Sykkuno and Fuslie have known each other through OTV for a long time. They are known to play a lot of GTA V together and their streams are very entertaining. He is also a really nice guy who has a certain degree for charisma over people, so it wouldn’t be unlikely if Fuslie has a little crush on him. He recently confronted her about a dream she had which made her slightly uncomfortable. So what was this dream about?

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What did Sykkuno tell her?

Fuslie had a dream about Sykkuno
Fuslie had a dream about Sykkuno

“Anyone else craving unhealthy food right now or is it just me?” Fuslie said as Miyoung answered by saying that she wanted to get cup noodles. “Why did you have a dream about me trying to kill you?” Sykkuno asked right out of the blue which caught both Miyoung and Fuslie off guard.

“Oh yeah that’s weird” Miyoung said as Fuslie got anxious. “It was just you trying to gun me down it was nothing romantic” she added, “that’s why it was a dream and I can’t tell you why I had that dream”

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Does Fuslie have a crush on Sykkuno?

“Ever have weird dreams? I don’t ask you about them” She turned the tables on him and Miyoung recognized this. It’s safe to say that Fuslie was trying to hide something, but since her dream about Sykkuno included him gunning him down it is unlikely that she has any crushes on him.

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