xQc cruises past Forsen’s Minecraft Speedrun Record

xQc breaks Forsen's Minecraft Speedrun Record after almost 2 years trying.

xQc cruises past Forsen’s Minecraft Speedrun Record

(image via xQc Clips on YouTube)

xQc breaking the Minecraft Speedrun Record comes as no surprise as the former Overwatch pro had been at it for 2 years. Forsen and xQc started their rivalry in 2020, smashing each other’s Minecraft Speedrun Record. The Twitch streamer has not been seen trying so hard at a game ever since his professional gaming career. Both streamers have been grinding Minecraft religiously to attain bragging rights.


Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios is a sandbox game and the best-selling video game of all time. In April of 2021, Forsen set a record of completing the speedrun in 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Prior to this record, xQc held the title for the fastest speedrun but it was beaten by 7 seconds. The Canadian also posted a video of his speedrun on his YouTube channel which has viewed by over 300,000 times on the platform.

xQc struggled to keep up with Forsen for almost 2 years but has finally crushed his record by 32 seconds. The Twitch personality completed the game start to the Ender Dragon with a time of 20 minutes and 5 seconds beating Forsen’s former record time of 20 minutes and 37 seconds.

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xQc and Forsen’s Minecraft rivalry

(image via xQc on YouTube)

xQc’s chat had been roasting the streamer for not being able to beat the record. The Canadian internet personality showed perseverance and skill to prove his chat wrong which changed the mood of the stream.

After months of relentless pursuit and countless hours of Minecraft, the streamer seemed almost relieved that he can give up on the game for some time. Forsen has been going back and forth with xQc but fans wait to see how long it’s going to take for him to respond.

xQc also explained to his viewers how he was still not satisfied with the new record. He stated that he could’ve finished it way faster but it’s all done and dusted. Forsen has responded on his stream that he will be coming for xQc’s new record. xQc took to Twitter for bragging rights but Forsen has not reacted on the social media platform.

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