“Spill some sh*t on xQc”: Fans react as nyyxxii posts a cryptic tweet after following Adept on Twitter

“Spill some sh*t on xQc”: Fans react as nyyxxii posts a cryptic tweet after following Adept on Twitter

xQc and nyyxxii

Prominent Twitch streamers xQc and nyyxxii’s break-up drama seems far from over as fans were stunned to see that Courtney ‘nyyxxii’ has started following xQc’s ex Sammy ‘Adept’ on Twitter. Shortly after following her, she posted a cryptic tweet that suggested that something is still being brushed under the carpet.


Some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice Adept and nyyxxii following each other, barely a day after Felix Lengyel explained the whole breakup situation on his livestream. While on the surface level, it looked as if Adept was responsible for the drama, nyyxxii’s tweet suggests otherwise.

As a user wrote, “Adept and Nyyxxii now follow each other, what do you make of that?”, the British streamer quickly replied that she followed her to clear things up and apologize for any awkward situation which she didn’t commit to doing intentionally. She stated, “No reason for beef between her and I, especially now that I know what she’s dealing with.”

The concluding line of her reply has caught the attention of the Twitch streamer’s community as they feel that the two might team up to reveal something, that xQc has been hiding all along from his audience.


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Are nyyxxii and Adept planning to expose xQc?

"Spill some sh*t on xQc": Fans react as nyyxxii posts a cryptic tweet after following Adept on Twitter
nyyxxii and Adept

Sammy ‘Adept’ had a long-term relationship xQc until they finally decided to split up on September 2022. Initially, the couple unfollowed each other on social media but later confirmed their breakup, after their leaked discord call surfaced on social media platforms.

Their break up ended on an ugly note as the two put up some grave accusations against each other. However, they were spotted together months later at the San Diego Twitch Con, giving rise to the speculations that they are back together. Weeks later, the assumptions received a heavy jolt after nyyxxii appeared on xQc’s Twitch livestream.

The couple shared some intimate moments live in front of the audience but the former Overwatch pro player stated that they were just casually seeing each other. This casual date later turned into a breakup after xQc confirmed that he was no longer seeing her, and had broken things off right after Adept thought that he had cheated on her.


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However, he made it clear that Adept wasn’t the sole reason for their breakup as he heard miscellaneous things about her that compelled him to take the step. While fans considered that nyyxxii and Adept would probably break their contact after this controversy, it was quite surprising to see the duo following each other on Twitter.

As nyyxxii claimed that she knows what Adept is dealing with, fans are considering that xQc’s two exes might plan to team up and spill the beans against the streamer. Even though Felix has proclaimed he has nothing to hide, the cryptic tweet by nyyxxii has caused a stir in the community.

While both and nyyxxii have given a public response after their breakup, Sammy ‘Adept‘ is yet to reveal her side of the story. Nevertheless, fans are intrigued to know what more lies in xQc’s breakup controversy.


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