xQc’s ex-girlfriend has a wholesome response after the streamer makes his new relationship ‘public’

xQc’s ex-girlfriend has a wholesome response after the streamer makes his new relationship ‘public’

nyyxxii (L), xQc (M) and Adept (R)

xQc and his ex-girlfriend Adept have had a rollercoaster ride during their on-off relationship as the duo did a whole breakup drama on Twitch only to be seen together again at TwitchCon 2022 or during his stream. However, things took an interesting turn when Felix Lengyel made his relationship with another partnered Twitch streamer ‘public’.


The partnered Twitch streamer was none other than ‘nyyxxii’ who was seen making an appearance at xQc’s stream to share some PDAs and confirming that they are in a relationship. The announcement soon followed with some reactions from fans who were happy that the Twitch star moved on from a toxic relationship with ‘Adept’.

As his community started a hate raid against Adept assuming that she will call out the streamer following his new relationship announcement, Adept had quite a contradictory response on Twitter as she stated, “Listen last couple weeks/months whatever may have been toxic But I can never publicly diss another girl just living her best life.”

She concluded her tweet by claiming, “City girls up 100000 (emojis) thriving in fact.” This was quite unexpected from her as viewers were of the opinion that she has been manipulating xQc when she revealed that she still owns his McLaren.


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xQc has moved on with his life

xQc's ex-girlfriend has a wholesome response after the streamer makes his new relationship 'public'
xQc and nyyxxii

The 26-year-old Twitch streamer sparked dating rumors again when Adept was seen kissing him in the cheeks during his livestream. However, he ruled off all the possibilities of them getting back together as he explained that he wants to move on with his life.

While this might have sound less convincing to his audience, they were confirmed that the streamer has indeed moved on when he shared a kiss with fellow streamer ‘nyyxxii’. She’s a low-profile but ‘partnered’ Twitch streamer from England who has over 300,000 followers on Twitch as well as a bit of fan-following on YouTube with 16K subscribers.

As she is not an active streamer, Twitch users were unaware of her being a partnered streamer but now that she has made her relationship with Twitch’s biggest streamer ‘xQc‘ as official, she might be seen appearing on his streams often. Their relationship came as a surprise indeed as a couple of days, the former professional Overwatch player was rumored to be dating Adept again.


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Fans start defending xQc’s ex-girlfriend

When fans understood that ‘nyyxxii’ is the streamer’s new girlfriend, they poured in congratulations to the streamer claiming that they are happy for the streamer who deserves such a great relationship. But xQc’s community were also expecting Adept to start a drama on Twitter.

Surprisingly, it seems that the tables have turned as Adept had rather a wholesome response to which fans started defending her claiming that she is getting unnecessary amount of hate. However, not all of the comments were in her favor as one of the users wrote her to give back his McLaren.

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