“You know what helps? Some positivity!” Disguised Toast instantly regrets being be non-toxic in League of Legends

This article talks about Disguised Toast who single handled decided that he will end the toxicity in League of Legends but regretted trying to do so.

Disguised Toast decided to fight League of Legends Toxicity
Disguised Toast decided to fight League of Legends Toxicity

League of Legends is a game that Disguised Toast and many streamers associated with OfflineTV are well known for. They are masters of this game and play at considerably high ranks. Another things that League of Legends is known for is player toxicity. It is so prominent that it is even included in its Wikipedia page. It seems that Toast had enough of the toxicity in League and decided to take matters into his own trolling hands.

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What motivated Disguised Toast to do this?

Disguised Toast hoped to spread positivity in League of Legends
Disguised Toast hoped to spread positivity in League of Legends

Sykkuno told Toast that he was watching his League stream earlier that day. “I hate league of legends players” Toast replied to him, “What happened to them in their childhood that made them like this?” This is a curious question that many a player of League has asked. It seems even a player as prominent as Disguised Toast doesn’t have it easy while playing League.

“I want to meet these people” Toast continued, “I want to shake their hands” he wanted to understand what made these League players of toxic. “Once they enter League they enter the mode” Sykkuno tried to explain to Toast that it was just the game that made these people as toxic as they were

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What did Toast decide to do?

He got extremely tense while on the champion selection screen. “Your goal isn’t to win, your goal is to minimize things going wrong” Toast said trying to state the toxicity that is present in every part of a league of legends match. This was the moment he decided that he wanted to spread positivity in the game. “Hey guys lets have a good time :)” is the message that Disguised Toast sent in hopes that the toxicity could be fought and he did get a reply from a teammate. “He told me to kill myself” Toast told his chat realising that the League toxicity is a problem that even he can’t solve alone.

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