“You should look different” Valkyrae gets her stunning looks complimented by Syukkuno

This article talks about the compliment Sykkuno gave Valkyrae regarding her looks and how she responded to the same.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno
Sykkuno and Valkyrae

Valkyrae and Sykkuno are known to be close and people believe that they are dating. They even have a ship name which fans know as ‘Raekkuno’. Valkyrae is known to have complimented Sykkuno on many occasions as well, telling her chat that he is someone she shares a brain cell or two with. In a recent stream, she was reacting to all the clips of her which were spread across YouTube and she homed in on one after reading its Title.

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What did Sykkuno tell Valkyrae?

They were playing Valorant on stream along with their fellow streamers. “Do you have a Vtuber model?” one of them asked her. “Rae for sure could use one” Sykkuno said with an awkward expression on his face and the rest of them asked her what would she like her Vtuber model to look like.

“I want it to look hot” Valkyrae replied in the clip to which Sykkuno replied by saying “Rae you should choose something that is different from what you normally look like”. After saying this he proceeded to explain that he was trying to attempt an indirect compliment

Sykkuno compliment
Sykkuno awkwardly complimented Valkyrae

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How did she react to this?

“Does he indirectly call me hot?” she thought out loud to her chat. When Sykkuno said what he did in that clip burst into laughter. “Oh god” she said in response to the clip because it is possible she found Sykkuno’s awkwardness very cute. For the Raekkuno fans, his compliment to her could indicate that he possibly does have some hidden feelings for her that he doesn’t want to reveal.

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