“This is CR8”: Fans react as YouTuber iShowSpeed meets Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike

“This is CR8”: Fans react as YouTuber iShowSpeed meets Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike

iShowSpeed and Ronaldo

Prominent YouTuber Darren ‘iShowSpeed’ has been tricked several times, either by his chat members or other YouTubers who decided to make a Fortnite Icon series skin for him but one latest prank pulled on him by his stream sponsors have gone too far as they were successful in making him believe, that he was meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The viral clip from his Twitch livestream was shared across different social media sites and even iShowSpeed himself, shared selfies with the ‘fake’ Portugal footballer calling him his ‘GOAT’. The clip showed some people asking the YouTuber to cover his eyes, before they bring a guest to his show.


As the guest appeared, iShowSpeed was at a loss of words for some seconds before he finally gave his iconic ‘scream’ saying “RONALDO”!. He was later left in tears after hugging his ‘idol’, but it was clearly evident to his audience that they brought a fake Cristiano Ronaldo. Even his chat started spamming ‘FAKE’ on the livestream but he was clearly in no mood to entertain them.

Following this apparent ‘fan moment’, the 17-year-old YouTuber apologized to the person impersonating himself as Cristiano Ronaldo, for overacting and also informed him that he had been talking to his son for a while now. “I’ve been talking to Junior for a long a*s time.” It was only after an hour that he realized his idol was fake when he asked MoneyKick’s guest to speak in Portuguese.

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iShowSpeed flew to Old Trafford only to realize Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t playing

"This is CR8": Fans react as YouTuber iShowSpeed meets Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike
Image Credits: iShowSpeed’s latest stream

A week ago, iShowSpeed thought that he was moving an inch closer to meeting his idol as he flew to Old Trafford stadium to watch a match of Manchester United but he was devastated upon discovering that the star striker won’t be playing the match, he flew in to see.

This ‘ghosting’ happened twice with the YouTuber but he was assured by Manchester United Legend Rio Ferdinand that he will be providing every assistance possible to him, so that he can meet his idol. The assurance coupled with iShowSpeed’s interaction with Ronaldo Jr. has fans convinced that he will soon realize his dream but the recent prank pulled on the YouTuber, left fans astounded.

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Several reactions were made on the Twitter post shared by ‘Speedy Updates’ as it has got more than 90K likes. Fans of iShowSpeed commented that the person whom he met was ‘CR8’, a parody made by viewers taken from Cristiano Ronaldo’s acronym ‘CR7‘.

Various users wrote that iShowSpeed’s reaction is priceless after meeting his idol, but after realizing the person is fake, it is going to leave him disheartened. Others highlighted that the YouTuber is well aware of this fact and is probably acting. Nevertheless, it would be intriguing to see how the YouTuber reacts after meeting the real Cristiano Ronaldo.

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