The entire Jacksfilms vs. SSSniperwolf fiasco explained

The entire drama so far between SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms

The entire Jacksfilms vs. SSSniperwolf fiasco explained

Jacksfilms and SSSniperwolf (Image via: Open Source)

Jacksfilms is one of the cornerstone content creators on YouTube when it comes to comedy, skits, parodies, music videos, and collaborating with fans and other content creators. John Douglass, the creator of the channel, has been creating content since 2006—that is, for 17 long years! Jacksfilms has garnered nearly 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is one of the most respected content creators in the YouTube community.


SSSniperWolf is a popular female streamer who made her YouTube channel a decade ago. She got her initial fame through Call of Duty videos and has since expanded to reaction videos, vlogs, and challenges. She is one of the most popular YouTubers, with over 33 million subscribers on the platform. However, she has been drowning in controversy for the past few months.

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Jacksfilms vs SSSniperwolf drama explained

Controversy with Evan Sausage

The controversy regarding SSSniperwolf began when she broke up with her boyfriend, Evan Sausage. Sausage accused SSSniperwolf of being a bad girlfriend and using him for money. Additionally, he exposed SSSniperwolf for her gameplay videos. He said that the gameplay videos belonged to Sausage, and she simply reacted over them, claiming the gameplay to be of her own.

Image via: Instagram/@sssniperwolf

Accusations by Jacksfilms

Jacksfilms and SSSniperwolf have had a contentious feud brewing between them for over a year now. John has created several videos accusing SSSniperwolf of stealing content from other YouTubers. He accuses her of not giving proper credit to the original owners of the content while making her reaction videos. She is also blamed for stealing ideas from other TikTok creators and her content being low-effort.

Jacksfilms SSSniperwolf
Image via: Instagram/@jacksfilms & Instagram/@sssniperwolf

SSSniperwolf replied to these accusations, saying that Jacksfilms is simply jealous of her. She replied to a few of his tweets, saying, “Wahhh, I can’t stand that a female YouTuber is getting more views than me.” She also said that Jacksfilms is only stirring up the drama because his alternate channel, made to mock SSSniperwolf, did not get the same viewership as her.

Doxxing by SSSniperwolf

Recently in an Instagram story, SSSniperwolf put up a poll on her story with a photo of her in a car. The poll said, “Should I go visit Jacksfilms? He is 5 minutes away from my shoot.” She proceeded to post videos of herself standing in front of John’s house.

SSSniperwolf (Image via: Open Source)
SSSniperwolf (Image via: Open Source)

Seeing this, Jacksfilms posts on Twitter, saying that SSSniperwolf is doxxing her and calling her creepy, gross, and violative. He also came out with a YouTube video where he assured his viewers that he was safe but shaken.


SSSniperwolf quickly deleted the stories after the backlash she received for this malicious action. She also replied, saying that accusing her of doxxing is defamation and she has no idea of how to do it. SSSniperwolf claims that she is the one being harassed in this situation, as Jacksfilms has been creating content accusing her for months. She also said that she should get a restraining order against John.

Jacksfilms has replied to these claims, saying that his content is simply a documentation of her stealing content from other people. SSSniperwolf is one who showed up at John’s house and recorded it for her 5 million followers to see. He says that he is the one who should get the restraining order. The beef between them has been continuing on Twitter ever since and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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