Top 10 best goalkeepers to use in EA FC 24 career mode

The Top Netminders of FC 24 featuring Courtois, Oblak amd more.

Top 10 best goalkeepers to use in EA FC 24 career mode

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It can be tough to catch a break in EA FC 24 sometimes. While there’s a lot on the attacking front, you’ll be surprised by how much having a world-class goalkeeper can change your luck. Leading your team from the back and digging you out of nervous situations could be useful in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 are in a bunch. Also, some new animations have been introduced, and there have been some additions in the high ranks too.

While every good Goalkeeper must be able to produce a range of different saves, there’s a lot more to Keeping than just technical ability. Here’s a List of Top 10 Goalkeepers in EA FC 24.

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List of Top 10 Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 to use in Career Mode:

Where there is plenty to choose from, you should always look for quality. Knowing our keeper is backing the team up can give us a sense of confidence in how we play. Out of all options, here’s a set of some top among the ranks.

#1 Thibaut Courtois (OVR 90)

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Thibaut Courtois of course after a solid season at Real Madrid has retained his spot as the highest-rated goalkeeper in EA FC 24. He’s been chasing ranks ever since he came to Spain and has continued to do so. With traits like Cross Claimer and Far Throw, he can be a weapon to use on counterattacks. He’s also got a wide range in goal as the 6’6 Belgian could be in all the right spots with his 90 positioning as well.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (OVR 89)

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Marc-Andre Ter Stegen is the biggest surprise on the list. He’s made a remarkable climb in ranks to be positioned second on the charts. Additionally, the Barcelona Veteran was a brick wall last season which has helped him chase the list from seventh to second this season. Traits like Rush Out and Footwork are rare in members which makes him a unique Goalkeeper. Behind the young wall of defence, the experienced keeper is putting extraordinary saves in-game too.

#3 Alisson Becker 89 OVR

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Liverpool has had a great clean-sheet record at home for the past 5 years. As you praise the defenders, there’s one more man responsible for keeping the standards high. Alisson Becker has climbed spots in EA FC 24, The 89-rated keeper is in a tie for the second spot in the list. Brazilian Favourite has been thriving in Liverpool colours and is known for his passing range. Having been given the rushour and cross-claimer traits, he’s got it all covered in wide situations and 1v1s as well.

#4 Jan Oblak 88 OVR

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Jan Oblak slipped on the charts with Atletico Madrid not being at their best past season. Slovenian was downgraded to 88 OVR while he looks the same in the game. With Diving 85 and Handling 90 he’s nothing less agile than he was before. His strengths include excellent reflexes, a commanding presence in the box, and superb positioning. He’s known for his ability to make crucial saves and maintain a high level of performance over the years.

#5 Ederson Santana 88 OVR

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The Treble Winners had it all secured back in the ‘23 season. Even though Ederson Santana is known to stress Pep out at times, he’s a lifesaver for Manchester City when called upon. He also has been given the 88 OVR with traits like Long Ball Pass, Cross Claimer and Rush Out. The Brazilian likes to let loose at times and is a gem with the ball at his feet. Overall Goalkeeping stats are of high quality and the long passing trait could be sending Haaland on his way at times of course.

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#6 Gianluigi Donnarumma 87 OVR

Gianluigi Donnarumma was a global talk about Italy’s unbeaten run a few years back. He has been held in the upper ranks ever since then. The PSG Wall is being held by this ever-young keeper and has got an 87 OVR in EA FC 24. 

While his insights don’t look so impressive, Gigi is still clear among all the goalkeepers to come and closeout. Donnarumma has been playing the higher ranks of football since he was 18 and is already an experienced keeper at 24. Additionally, Traits like Rush Out and cross-claimer make the tall Italian productive in starting attacks.

#7 Mike Maignan 87 OVR

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Mike Maignan is a talented goalkeeper who plays for AC Milan in Serie A. He is known for his agility, shot-stopping abilities, and good distribution of the ball. The French player has also replaced Lloris in the National Squad as the favorite. The 87 OVR Maignan has his best card in EA FC 24 ever and is only expected to chase higher ranks in coming editions.

#8 Manuel Nuer 87 OVR

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It’s the biggest slip on the Top 10 list of goalkeepers in the latest rankings. As Manuel Nuer has struggled all past year, it’s the worst card of him in the past few editions. Neuer is known for revolutionizing the goalkeeper position with his “sweeper-keeper” style. He has outstanding shot-stopping abilities, excellent reflexes, and exceptional ball distribution skills. The 87 OVR German is still rushing out to clear the ball and intercept attacks, it’s been a game-changer.

#9 Wojciech Szczesny 86 OVR

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Wojciech Szczesny, known for his shot-stopping prowess and mastery of the penalty area, rose to fame while playing for Arsenal in the English Premier League before joining Juventus. He succeeded Gianluigi Buffon as Juventus’ primary goalkeeper, which demonstrated his ability. He’s seen better ratings but has to settle at 86 OVR in EA FC 24. Rush Out Trait and Quality Handling are still enough precise to keep his respect overall.

#10 Yassine Boubou 85 OVR

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Morocco had the tournament of their lives at FIFA World Cup 2022. The same can be said about their goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, commonly known as Bono. is a . Bono gained recognition for his performances with Sevilla and also represented the Moroccan national team. The 85 OVR is bright and agile in front of the goal and hardly makes mistakes. He can be a sweeper keeper and has been given traits accordingly.

Game-changing moments belong at both ends of the pitch. Using your goalkeepers properly and having the best utilisation is important for players who like to play from the back. The modern goalkeeper is essentially another outfield player, actively taking part in the build-up phase – and some goalkeepers even create chances or provide assists.

Additionally, EA FC 24 was said to have a few glitches with Goalkeepers at the start but things seem calmed down. While players complained about keepers being useless, some were seen glitching. As we move on, the game is on a constant patching and fixing basis and will continue for a few weeks.

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