Top 10 agents in Valorant for beginners

Discover the most versatile, supportive, and explosive agents to play as a beginner in Valorant and improve your gameplay with their unique abilities.

Top 10 agents in Valorant for beginners

Valorant is a popular tactical first-person shooter game that requires team coordination and skillful agent selection to win. As a beginner, choosing the right agent can be challenging. But with the right guidance, it can be a smooth experience. This article will list the top 10 best agents in Valorant for beginners to help you get started.

Before diving into the list of the best agents in Valorant for beginners, it is important to know why choosing the right agent is crucial. Each agent in Valorant has their unique set of abilities that can either help or hinder the team’s overall gameplay. As a beginner, choosing an agent that suits the player’s playstyle can significantly impact your performance in the game.


Here are the top 10 agents beginner players of Valorant can try out in the game.

Best Valorant agents for beginners


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Sage is one of the most popular agents in Valorant and is a great choice for beginners. She is a support agent that can heal her teammates and revive fallen allies. Additionally, her wall ability can be used to block off areas and create new paths. This makes her a versatile agent that can adapt to many situations. Overall her abilities make her an excellent choice for players who prefer a more defensive and supportive playstyle.


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Brimstone is one of the playable agents in the tactical shooter game, Valorant. He is a powerful commander who specializes in providing fire support to his team. Brimstone’s abilities are centered around the use of smoke grenades and incendiary devices. This allows him to control the battlefield and provide cover for his teammates. Overall he is an excellent choice for players who prefer more supportive playstyle and enjoy providing their team with strategic advantages.



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Sova is an initiator agent in Valorant with an extensive set of abilities that help to gather information about the enemy team’s whereabouts. Sova’s abilities allow players to track and reveal enemy positions, as well as deal damage to them from afar. Moreover sova’s recon bolt can be shot from a distance and can reveal the enemy’s location in the radius of its impact. While the shock bolt can deal damage to the enemy when hit. Additionally, Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, allows players to shoot three energy blasts across the map, damaging and revealing enemies hit by the blast. Overall, Sova is an excellent choice for players who like to gather information and provide valuable support to their team.


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Breach is another powerful agent in Valorant who can disrupt the enemy team’s gameplay with his stunning abilities. He has the ability to initiate fights and take control of the map with his seismic blast and fault line abilities. His flashpoint and rolling thunder abilities can also stun and disorient the enemy team. Overall which makes them an easy target for the rest of your team to take out. However playing as Breach in the begining can help you learn the importance of initiating fights and controlling the map.


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Cypher is one of the most popular agents in Valorant for gathering information and keeping the enemy team in check. His abilities include tripwires that can alert the player when an enemy is passing through a certain area, a camera that can provide valuable intel on the enemy’s position, and an ultimate that reveals the location of all the enemy players on the map. As a beginner, using Cypher’s abilities effectively can help the player to gain a better understanding of the enemy’s movements.



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Killjoy is an agent in Valorant with a unique set of abilities that focus on defense and area control. Her abilities include deploying turrets that shoot enemies within range, setting up nanoswarm grenades that deal damage to enemies, and locking down a specific area with her ultimate ability. She is an excellent agent for players who prefer to play defensively and support the team by controlling specific areas on the map. Her abilities can also help in gathering information about the enemy team’s whereabouts and movements.


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Viper is a controller agent in Valorant, known for her poisonous abilities that can create areas of high toxicity and hinder the enemy team’s vision and movement. Her abilities include a toxic screen that creates a wall of gas that obscures vision, a poison cloud that damages and slows enemies, and a snake bite that deals damage over time. She can also deploy a fuel tank that emits toxic gas and can be detonated remotely, causing significant damage to enemies within the blast radius. Viper is a great agent for players who like to control the battlefield and limit the enemy’s options.


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Phoenix is a duelist agent in Valorant, meaning he is primarily focused on engaging in combat and taking down enemies. His abilities allow him to manipulate the battlefield, including the ability to create a wall of fire that damages enemies, to heal himself, and to temporarily increase his speed and agility. Overall phoenix’s abilities make him a great choice for beginners who want to focus on fragging out and being aggressive on the battlefield.



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Raze is an explosive agent in Valorant, known for her ability to cause significant damage to enemies. Her signature ability, the Blast Pack, allows her to throw an explosive satchel that can be detonated remotely. This damages any enemies in the vicinity. Additionally, her Paint Shells ability allows her to launch a cluster grenade that also causes a considerable amount of damage. Her ultimate ability, Showstopper, equips her with a rocket launcher that can deal massive damage in a large area. Overall raze is an excellent choice for aggressive players who like to get up close and personal with their enemies.


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Reyna is a popular agent among players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. Her abilities allow her to become a self-sustaining agent who can quickly eliminate opponents and gain health from their deaths. Reyna’s signature ability is “Leer,” which blinds opponents, making it easier to take them down. Additionally, her ultimate ability, “Empress,” enhances her abilities and grants her increased fire rate, faster reload speed, and increased movement speed. For players who enjoy taking risks and pushing aggressively, Reyna is a great choice.

Choosing the right agent in Valorant is crucial for success. As a beginner, it can be challenging to decide which agent to choose. However, with the list of the top 10 best agents in Valorant for beginners, the players can make an informed decision and enjoy thier gaming experience. Although remember to practice with the selected agent and explore their abilities to maximize their potential. Good luck!


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