Top 5 tips and tricks to attack properly in EA FC 24

Use these tips to showcase aggressive easily in EA FC 24

Top 5 tips and tricks to attack properly in EA FC 24

EA Sports is known to switch plenty of things on the inside with every latest edition. In EA FC 24, there are tons of additions that are crucial to know for keeping up with this season’s high ranks. When a football team has possession of the ball, the attack principles will help them respond to any circumstance. These principles hold true regardless of the team’s play style and formation, and they always will regardless of how the game changes.

To win a match in EA FC 24, you must score goals, and scoring goals requires you to be a competent attacker. By following these attacking tutorials, you will be able to improve your attacking talents and score more goals when playing EA FC 24 matches.


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Attacking Tips To Dominate in EA FC 24

Creating space in front, behind, and to the sides of the player with the ball is the goal of support. Simply put, the support principle entails giving the person in charge of the situation options. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. Here are a few strategies to help you become an expert attacker in EA FC 24.

Top 5 tips and tricks to attack properly in EA FC 24
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 1. Using Proper Formations And Tactics

Every year the formations get a shuffle on effectiveness. However, it depends on what formation is comfortable for you to play the game at a fast pace. You can become more comfortable with your team by investigating the ones you deem appropriate and practising them during the game. Remember that you must focus on the few formations in which you are an expert and not stray.


Your team moves precisely when you organize your squad around a specific formation and have optimal chemistry and the correct team links. As the patterns become second nature to you, you move more quickly. For Career Mode, understanding tactical vision is the latest addition which has a lot to do with how your team moves. With teams like Real Madrid and Manchester City, the shape and positioning are always of the highest degree if you play your cards right.

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2. Master Set Pieces and Skill Moves

As you advance in levels and encounter major league opponents, you must constantly advance and add new skills to your toolbox. Maintaining complete control over every minute detail of the game is essential if you want to compete with these enormous canines. When the game is close, scoring from free kicks and corners might give you the advantage.

Keeping pressure on your opponent can be accomplished by mastering deadball situations. Additionally, teaching your players several effective dribbling techniques in EA FC 24 is a game-changer. Purchase the appropriate skill moves from the marketplace that the majority of the players in your roster can use. The surprise component of your gaming is provided by skill moves and set pieces which often rescue games from dying ends. Having Deadball Specialists like Messi, Ward-Prowse and plenty more is always a plus.

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3. Work on your Finishing

Scoring goals in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is the ultimate goal of attacking, and in order to accomplish so, you must be able to finish. The act of shooting the ball and scoring a goal is referred to as finishing. To improve your finishing, practice shooting in a variety of settings. You can, for example, practice shooting from various angles, distances, and under pressure. You can also experiment with different shots, such as finesse shots, power shots, and volleys.

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4. Being Good on the Transitions   

Attacking is not only about being good on the ball but understanding when to go all out and when not to. While we need to work on retrieving the ball quickly, it’s important to understand the situations of counter-attacking and build-up plays. Being efficient on the times when your opponent commits forward leaving his walls open is a must. Scoring on Volleys and first-touch finishes are the main threat.

Transitioning from the defence to offence at a pace with a few mastered patterns can be very helpful. From Goalkeepers to strikers in a flash as they say. Fast-paced players like Mbappe, Doku and precise passers in the same team come in very handy for this tactic.

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5. Using One Touch & Driven Pass

The driving pass comes first. The passing tempo in this game is crucial since a dream pass can suddenly open up a fresh space. So many goals have been scored using this trick, and one of the most important things in the game is to have a tempo that comes with driven passes as well as one-touch passes. But the dream pass is the biggest and most important tool here to create a passing tempo.

You can also use this for crossing as well, it is perfect, so quick and so precise.

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Other than these, here’s a few things you can keep in mind to have a strong attack in EA FC 24 :

  • Using Precision Passing: One of the new game mechanics is precision passing, which is performed by pressing a few simple key combinations. Learning this kind of pass can help you win games with ease because it is frequently preferred by players like Toni Kroos and Kevin De Bruyne in actual football games.
  • Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Using Lob Passes at the right moments
  • Long-range Finesse Shooting in packed conditions
  • Practice your free-kicks offline

EA FC 24 has a different feel about it and players are still not sure how few things work. Additionally, the pace of a few skill moves is reduced while the newly introduced skills are powered up on effectiveness. It’s all about getting familiar with the changes and implementing your evolution in-game.

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