Top 5 unexpected moments of VCT 2023 Season

There were loads of unexpected moments during the VCT 2023 that totally left fans with their jaws dropped!

Top 5 unexpected moments of VCT 2023 Season

(credits: VCT 2023)

The final event of the VCT calendar, the VCT Champions 2023, is slowly approaching. Furthermore, teams are anxiously gearing up for it. The final event will feature the best of the best Valorant teams from all around the globe for a last bout to determine who takes the crown of Champions this time around. And the major highlights of the tournament till yet have started to pop up. This VCT 2023 season was filled with many unexpected moments that hyped up fans.


There were loads of moments that left fans in awe during this VCT season. From teams with no experience crushing others to players just pooping off on stage, This season had it all. Moreover, this bandwagon of adrenaline isn’t going to stop anytime soon with better plays during the Champions stage. This VCT 2023 season was, in its true sense, a ride filled with overwhelming emotions. And there were also many fierce moments. So fans should be on the lookout for teams that can surprise them.

Many organizations, that had the most fans’ expectations, just couldn’t cut it. And some just performed way above expectations. Furthermore, these moments had fans so hyped they went wild over it. So let’s take a look at all the great unexpected moments that unfolded during this VCT 2023 season.

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Most unexpected moments during the VCT 2023 season

Top 5 unexpected moments of VCT 2023 Season
(credits: Riot Games Dev Diaries)

This season of VCT 2023 belonged to the underdogs. Many organizations with less experience performed way better than those with long years of standings. And if that’s not all, many unexpected moments filled this season that left fans wondering, “Did that happen?” So let’s dive into it and see some of the most brain-crushing and reality-bending moments of the VCT 2023 season.

Boaster pulling off a 3-11 comeback to win VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo

Top 5 unexpected moments of VCT 2023 Season
Boster during the LOCK//IN São Paulo match against LOUD (credits: VCT)

This VCT 2023 season has been a golden goose for Fnatic and their roster. Their entire loss record for this season has been almost ineligible. Furthermore, this win streak started right from the opening event of VCT, the LOCK/IN São Paulo. An event where every partner team participates, and the group stage-winning region gets an extra master slot. Moreover, Fnatic swept every team in this event. And after making it to the group stages, they further demolished all other teams.

However, they were about to lose hard on the grand finals until Boster, the team’s IGL, kicked in and owned LOUD, the current Champions title holders. Boster, with his immaculate skills and command over his team, pulled off a 3-11 comeback to win the map and, inevitably, the lock/in. Moreover, this match was historical for Boaster as it was his first Valorant major trophy.

KRÜ Esports winning the Americas LCQ

Top 5 unexpected moments of VCT 2023 Season
Americas LCQ Grand Finals (credits: VCT)

From being the 11th-place holder and not being able to qualify for the Valorant Champions 2022 playoffs, KRÜ Esports has come a long way. Their regular-season performance in the Americas League was really bad. The team landed on the last spot and couldn’t qualify for the group stages. Hence, the only way for them to be a part of qualified teams for Valorant Champions 2023 was through America’s LCQs. Fans didn’t have much expectations from KRÜ Esports after their poor performance.


However, the team went wild during the LCQs. They won every game in the brackets against promising teams like Cloud9 & Sentinels. And after winning the Grand Final, they claimed the last empty spot for the Champions main event. This was a unexpected moment for fans.

Edward Gaming demolishing the current Champions title holder, LOUD

2023 07 30 13
EDG after winning their match against LOUD (credits: VCT)

This Chinese team has been making waves in the Valorant eSports scene. Edward Gaming’s VCT 2023 season has been filled with loads of success and accomplishments. This team has not disappointed the fans. And their best match yet has been the match against LOUD during the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023. Not only did the team send LOUD packing by eliminating them from the Masters Tokyo, but their win was one-sided. EDG defeated the current Champions title holders with a score of 2-0. This was a heavy hit on LOUD’s reputation and also a good showcase of EDG’s skillset.

EG qualifying for VCT Masters Tokyo and VCT Champions 2023

Valorant MastersTokyo2023 EvilGeniuses FeatureShoot 1024x576 2
Evil Geniuses Roster (credits: EG)

Evil Geniuses, or EG, wasn’t a name fans had expected to hear on the list of qualified teams for the Valorantorant Champions 2023. However, here they are, contesting against globally acclaimed teams for the title of Champions. EG was a team that had no valuable major experience under their belt. They had a bad VCT start in 2021, where they lost every VCT qualifierfier and didn’t even make it to the American Leagues. And they lost the American LQCs in 2022. However, the VCT 2023 has been their golden season.

Not only did the team sweep in others at the Americas League, but they even made it to the Grand Finals of Masters Tokyo. For a team with no experience, they performed way above expectations and qualified for not only Masters Tokyo but also Valorant Champions 2023.


PRX reverse sweeping DRX at VCT Pacific Leagues

2023 05 28 12
PRX vs DRX, Grand Finals VCT Pacific League (credits: VCT)

Paper Rex or PRX, has been on fire throughout this VCT season. This Pacific region team dominated the stage during the VCT Pacific League. Not only did they win every match in the Group stages, they completely crushed the 3rd runner-up of the Valorant Champions 2022, DRX. The Pacific League’s Grand finale, PRX vs DRX, was a match that had every fan hyped up. PRX reverse-sweep the team after losing the first 2 maps against them. They then won all three remaining maps by a huge margin and won the Grand Finals. It was a nerve-racking and interesting match.

Honorable mentions:

There were quite a few unexpected moments during the VCT 2023 seasons, so here are a few more honorable mentions:

  • PRX defeating NRG in the lower bracket semi-finals at VCT Masters Tokyo 2023: Paper Rex demolished a team filled with players who were the second runner-up during the Valorant Champions 2022. This was an unexpected moment, as PRX’s win over NRG eliminated them from the Masters Tokyo early on. Such a poor performance from a strong team like NRG wasn’t expected. However, it showcased PRX’s strong skills.
  • Cloud 9 failing to qualify for VCT Master Tokyo and VCT Champions 2023 after a strong run: Cloud 9’s VCT 2023 season didn’t go as expected. The team had a strong run during group stages and looked quite promising. Although they did well during the Americas League, it wasn’t enough. Moreover, they even lost during the Americas LCQs. And thus, the team couldn’t participate in the VCT Masters and couldn’t claim the last spot for the Champions main event too.

All these moments were unexpected for fans and had them on the edge of their seats. These are some moments that would go down in the history of Valorant’s eSports. And with Valorant Champions 2023 approaching, more such moments are bound to happen sooner than later!

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