Valorant’s Bind map is back with a bang

Here are all the changes coming up in Valorant's Bind map.

Valorant’s Bind map is back with a bang

Valorant features a fast paced FPS with 5 member in a team. Riot games did a great job with specifying each character with unique abilities, weapons and specialized tactics. Players get to choose from these characters to make most of their abilities. Valorant has gained a huge number of player pool over a short period of time.

Recently Valorant has made the announcement to bring back the Bind map in next patch note. The studio in January took a decision to discontinue the map. However after a brief period of time they retracted their decision to discontinue it. With this news, Riot Games has made certain changes to characters and maps as well. Here are all the changes and new development in Valorant in patch 6.07.

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Changes and upgrades in Bind map

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Bind map (image credit:
  • Exit room for B Long to A Lobby teleporter has been moved to outside A Bath.
  • A Lobby has been adjusted to accommodate the new teleporter location.
  • Doorway from A Lobby into A Bath has been widened.
  • A site to A bath has a wide doorway now in Bind
  • A Site has adjusted Radianite crates.
  • A site has new barrel added in Valorant.
  • Back wall on A Site has changed Bind map.
  • Defender Spawn to B Site doorway is wide now.

General updates in Valorant

  • The game now will use yellow and red UI to indicate nearby supplies and also when you will take damage.
  • The yellow directional indicator has now a small animation. This will make visual aspect of direction easy to follow.

Character updates in Valorant

  1. Reyna: Yellow indicator removed from Leer (C)
  2. Kay/O : Critical danger indicator added to FRAG/ment (C)
  3. Skye: Yellow indicator removed from Seekers (X).
  4. Killjoy: Yellow indicator removed from Alarmbot (E)
  5. Chamber: Yellow indicator removed from Trademark (C).

Sova (Sniper)

A russian born character who hails from a tundra region and has high scouting ability. Here are the changes made for Sova.

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Sova from Valorant (image credit:
  1. Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) has been updated to correctly appear when playing with Bloom (graphical effect that makes things brighter) turned off.
  2. Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) scanning VFX has been updated to be more visible as it travels through the world.
  3. Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) model has been increased in size to more accurately represent its hitbox. This will not affect lineups. The collision as it travels is unchanged.

Bugs fixed

The blur trail of projectile will only be visible to allies. Valorant has removed the line that connects teleporter to teleporter in this new patch. With all these changes the old tactics are going for a toss. You will have to come up with better plans and tactics to increase your stats.

Valorant is inclusive of all kinds of player. The game has different elements that helps hone your skills accordingly. That makes it a game for all and all players for one, Valorant. So go out there with your team and make the kills to win it.


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