Valorant Imperium skin bundle: Release date, weapons, price and more

The skin bundle's finisher is definitely one of a kind in Valorant!

Valorant Imperium skin bundle: Release date, weapons, price and more

(credits: Riot Games)

Valorant has been sweeping the love of players since its launch. With the Valorant Champions 2023 Grand Finals over, the game is all set to move on to its next season! Furthermore, every season brings to the game a new skin bundle. And this time, honoring Valorant’s launch in China, the skin bundle has taken a more Chinese traditional route. The Valorant Imperium skin bundle is on its way to the game, hyping up the player base!


With Episode 7, Act 1 now almost reaching its end, Riot Games is bringing the game to Act 2! And this update is going to bring with it loads of new stuff and existing improvements. This update is bringing back the map Breeze with loads of changes. Moreover, a new map called Sunset is also coming to the game. And this act will also have a lot of nerfs and buffs!

Astra, Skye, and other well-known agents have all received significant nerfs in addition to Jett. Along with all of these adjustments, Riot Games will also introduce a new skin bundle called the Valorant Imperium skin bundle in Episode 7 Act 2.

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Valorant Imperium skin bundle: Weapons, price, release date & more

Valorant Imperium skin bundle: Release date, weapons, price and more
The Imperium Vandal (credits: Riot Games)

With the start of the new act, Episode 7, Act 2, Riot Game will bring to the game the Valorant Imperium skin bundle. This upcoming skin will have a hint of Chinese culture/tradition in it, including dragons and more due to the game’s recent launch in China. The official video released by Riot Games showcases the finisher of this skin, a dragon similar to Shenron from Dragon Ball Z. This limited skin bundle would be able for 4 weapons and would include one melee skin, and other goodies such as:

  • A Vandal skin
  • A Judge skin
  • A Sheriff skin
  • An Operator skin
  • A melee skin
  • Two gun buddies
  • A player card
  • A non-animated spray

Furthermore, the skin bundle will have four color choices, starting from the base level Green to Red, White, and Black. The entire bundle would cost 8700VP, which is the standard price for other bundles like the NEO Frontier bundle, released at the start of Act 1. Moreover, when bought separately, the Melee skin would cost 4,350VP, and the weapon skins would go for 2,175VP each.

The Valorant Imperium skin bundle is expected to enter the game on August 29, 2023, with the start of Episode 7, Act 2. Players are eagerly waiting for the skin bundle to drop so they can try it in-game. This is a really clean skin to kick start a new season by bringing with it some good lore and a beautiful skin range!

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