VCT Americas LCQ: Top 3 teams that can qualify for VCT Champions 2023

As the VCT Americas LCQ draws near, teams are getting ready to jump in hot with new strategies and improved skills!

VCT Americas LCQ: Top 3 teams that can qualify for VCT Champions 2023

(credits: Riot Games)

The Valorant Esports scene has hit big-time viewership numbers. Within just three years of the game’s release, the game has gained immense popularity throughout the globe. Furthermore, the Valorant Champions Tour has received a lot of love from the community during every season. Moreover, the VCT Americas LCQ or Last Chance Qualifiers are right around the corner!

This year’s Americas leagues gave the viewers quite the trill. Almost every match was either one-sided or a grueling battle of wits & skills. Out of the ten teams, every team fought with everything in their arsenal; however, only three qualified for both VCT Masters & Champions. With the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 over, the remaining seven teams have one last bout that will decide which one team comes out as the winner to participate in the VCT Champions 2023 as the fourth team from the Americas region!


The VCT Americas LCQ is right around the corner, and Orgs are sharpening their skills as they set their sights on the last vacant spot for the VCT Champions. Considering the spectacular performance shown to fans thought this VCT season, hosted by Riot Games, fans can expect to witness similar levels of play during the Amercias LQC.

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Top 3 Teams in the Americas Region that can qualify for VCT Champions

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With their impeccable performance during the VCT Americas League, NRG, Loud & Evil Geniuses qualified for the VCT Champions 2023. But that’s not the end for the remaining teams. The VCT Americas LCQ gives the remaining teams their last chance to sweep through other teams and claim the single spot left for Champions. The VCT Americas LQC is scheduled to start on 15th July, 10 pm UTC. And the seven participating teams are:

  • Furia
  • Leviatán
  • Cloud9
  • Sentinels
  • 100 Thieves
  • MIBR
  • KRÜ Esports

Furthermore, all of these are formidable teams. Their past performances have been great, and fans especially have high hopes for these teams. However, there’s only 1 spot available for 7 teams, so undoubtedly, fans have selected their favorites. Moreover, the top 3 teams which have higher chances of qualifying than the other seven teams are: Cloud9, Leviatán & Sentinels. So let’s take a look at the active rosters and the past performances of these teams.


Cloud9 Valorant 2023
Cloud9’s Roster (credits: Liquipedia)

Active Roster:

  • runi (IGL)
  • Xeppa
  • leaf
  • Zellsis
  • jakee
  • qpert (sub)

Cloud9 is one of the most famous esports org in the world, with roots in multiple countries. Cloud9 even has an academy that nurtures future talent. Furthermore, the Org has a strong hold on most of the competitive esports games that are been played, and it’s Valorant’s roster is one of the best in the community. The org showed quite a spectacular performance during the Americas Leagues. Cloud9 swept through matches over matches during the Regular Season, which was held between 2nd April-20th May, registering eight wins and one loss. It even received a higher rating than Loud, the current Champions title holder, during the Regular Season.


However, during the playoffs, which decided the teams that qualified for the VCT Masters, and Champions, the team couldn’t make the cut. They lost to EG in the upper brackets, who actually performed above expectations. However, Cloud9 eliminated Leviatán, another strong contender, from the Playoffs, so their chances of claiming the vacant spot are very probable.

Moreover, the lineup for Cloud9 looks really promising, with runi as the team’s IGL. Furthermore, Xeppa and Leaf played during last year’s NA Challenger group stages, so they have enough experience with S-tier matches. Overall, Cloud9 stands as one of the top contenders for the VCT Americas LCQs.


VCT Americas LCQ: Top 3 teams that can qualify for VCT Champions 2023
Leviatán Roster (credits: Liquipedia)

Active Roster:

  • Tacolilla
  • kiNgg
  • nzr
  • Mazino
  • Shyy

Another equally strong contender for winning the VCT Americas LCQ is Leviatán. This South American team has been active in the Valorant Esports scene since its initial stages. Leviatán is a really accomplished team and has made this list due to their impeccable performance. The Org was a tough contender during last year’s Masters Copenhagen and secured the 6th position beating acclaimed teams like Xset. Moreover, Leviatán is amongst the few Orgs with a Valaroant history dating back to 2020.

Furthermore, the team played really well during the Regular Season. However, they were eliminated during the group stages by Cloud9. But now that the Org has faced C9 in their full form before, they are sure to work on their strategies and flaws, so they can best other teams and thus claim the last spot for Champions. Tacolilla & kiNgg are the two consistent players who have been with the Org since VCT 2022: LAS Challengers.

These two players have hard-earned experience and, when combined with the skills of other members, may lead their org toward a certain victory. All in all, Leviatán’s Roster looks really promising, and fans will have to wait till the VCT Americas LCQs to see the team in action.



VCT Americas LCQ: Top 3 teams that can qualify for VCT Champions 2023
Sentinels’ Roster (credits: various sources)

Active Roster:

  • Marved (IGL)
  • pANcada
  • TenZ
  • zekken
  • Sacy

The team that everyone is betting their money on right now is none other than Sentinels. Sentinels’ performance during the Americas Leagues regular season was not exactly up to the mark. The team performed really poorly during the season and was dominated by other Orgs on the roster. Sentinels couldn’t perform towards the expectations of fans during the entire season.

Later during the group stages, the team’s IGL Dephh was let go from the Org due to his poor performance with the Tenz making a comeback after injury. Marved took over as the new IGL. After these changes, Sentinels went on to win all of the remaining matches of the league, however, it was too late. Sentinels finally got the formidable team till the end of the league.


Marved being on the team gives Sacy a chance to play the Initiator role once again finally. Sacy has been labeled by the Valorant Community as the one of best Initiators amongst Valorant Pros. Nonetheless, the team showed that they are back in the game and are ready to take on challenges.

The VCT Americas LCQs will start soon. Considering the constant unexpected turn-on events throughout this VCT season, fans can say for sure what may happen in the future. However, one thing’s for sure, i.e. this LCQ would be one edge-of-the-seat event, with wild things happening every now and then!

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