What are the Lowrider Missions, and how to complete them in GTA Online? 

Easily complete Lowrider Missions in GTA Online

What are the Lowrider Missions, and how to complete them in GTA Online? 

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The Lowrider Missions in GTA Online often cause confusion in newer and veteran players. GTA V Online offers a plethora of content and a lot of stuff for players to do in the game. These missions often require you to do something you didn’t even know existed in the game. Even if you knew about it, you often did not know where to look for it.

The Lowriders update was introduced to the enhanced edition of GTA Online in October 2015 by Rockstar Games. The update came with eight lowrider missions for players to complete provided by Lamar Davis. Ordinary contract missions generally lack any story. However, Lowrider Missions deviate from the ordinary. To initiate these missions, all you need is Lamar Davis’ contact, which is already installed in every GTA Online player’s phone after launching the game.


Thus, the Lowrider Missions have been causing quite a bit of confusion since they were first introduced to the rotating daily objectives in GTA Online. Regardless of the confusion, the missions are quite easy to complete in-game.

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Complete Lowrider Missions in GTA Online

The missions are provided to you in a set order. However, playing them out of order is possible if another player invites you to a mission you have not yet reached. You do not need to own a lowrider to complete the missions. Lamar Davis will offer them to you through the phone. You may have to complete a few non-lowrider missions before Lamar decides to dish them out to you.

Lowrider Missions Lamar Davis
Image via: Rockstar Games

To initiate the missions –

  • Open your Phone
  • Open contacts
  • Scroll down to Lamar
  • Call him and wait till he offers you a mission
  • Accept the mission and complete it till the objective is ticked off.

The missions themselves are fairly straightforward and follow the same trend. You will be asked to hop into a lowrider and head to a certain location. There, you will either be required to eliminate someone or steal an item there. Sometimes, you will be required to even blow up a few of the custom cars.

Players can complete these players quickly and get some quick cash which might not be huge. However, these missions are somewhat fun to play and new players can make relatively good money in their initial criminal career. But as the solo money grinding option, it is very inefficient.


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