What is Fortnite Error code 0 and how to fix it?

Take a look at how you can fix the annoying Fortnite Error Code 0 issue

What is Fortnite Error code 0 and how to fix it?

The Most awaited Fortnite OG update is finally out now. Epic Games teased this update for weeks. They revealed that Fortnite will be going back in time and will be bringing back the OG map for Chapter 4 Season 5. Due to the obvious nostalgia factor, many veteran players who loved the game at the very start were excited to enjoy the old map again.

However, with the start of the season, some players started facing the good old “Error Code 0” after the servers went up. For players who don’t know, this error is often caused by the EasyAntiCheat system. Like for most of the game, Epic Games added this system so that players can peacefully play and enjoy Fortnite. But any malfunction with this system can lead to the Error Code 0 issue.


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How to fix Fortnite Error Code 0

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite Error Code 0 can come up if there is any issue with the anti-cheat system for Fortnite. In addition to that, there are also other reasons which can cause this error in Fortnite. These are:

  • Bugs in the game’s files or corrupt game files
  • Admin permission errors

So here are the fixes that you can try if you face the Fortnite Error Code 0 due to any of the above reasons.

Fortnite error COde 0
Image via Epic Games

Error due to EasyAntiCheat system malfunction

In this case, players have to uninstall and reinstall the anti-cheat system to fix the error. You can follow these steps:

To uninstall the EasyAntiCheat system:

  • First, close the Fortnite along with the Epic Games Launcher.
  • After closing the game successfully, Go to the EasyAntiCheat website to download the uninstaller.
  • Now, open the uninstaller and follow the steps or instructions to uninstall the EasyAntiCheat system.

To reinstall the EasyAntiCheat system,

  • Simply go to the Epic Games website and download the EasyAntiCheat system.
  • After successfully downloading the anti-cheat system, open the software and install it to enjoy the game

Error due to Admin permission errors

Administrative permission and privileges are very important to run some applications properly and often time denial of Admin permissions leads to different errors in various games. Error Code 0 in Fortnite is among them. So make sure that your PC account is set as the administrator. If your account is not set as admin, then follow these steps.

  • Go to your Start menu and open the Control Panel.
  • There, go to the User Accounts tab.
  • After opening the User Accounts tab, clock on the “Change account type” option and select your account.
  • Now set your account as the Administrator.

Fortnite Error Code 0 due to bugs in game files or corrupt game files

Players need to verify the game files as any missing or corrupt file can cause Fortnite Error Code 0 or any other error in the game. To verify your files,

  • Open your Epic Games Launcher and go to your Library.
  • There, toggle to Fortnite and click on the 3 option dots.
  • A Menu will pop up, click on the Manage option.
  • Then, click on the “Verify” option. This will check every game file for any issues and will fix them to make sure Fortnite runs smoothly.

Submit a complaint ticket at Epic Games

If after trying every solution you still face the Error Code 0 issue in Fortnite then your last resort to solve this issue is to contact Epic Games. Their support team will take this issue into their hands and will try to fix this issue.


The Fortnite Error Code 0 issue is not humongous and will be fixed definitely by the above-mentioned solutions. The best part is that these fixes will not even take you more than 10-15 minutes and players will be able to enjoy the return of the nostalgic OG map along with some OG items in Fortnite.

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