What is the price of new Carbon Black Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD?

It'll be released just in time for the fall releases of Starfield and Forza Motorsport

What is the price of new Carbon Black Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD?

Xbox has been a staple name in the world of gaming. It has gained a lot of market space along with rival PlayStation. Microsoft regularly tries innovative things to give great competition in the console space. Now, Microsoft has unveiled the new upcoming Carbon Black Xbox Series X, which will have a whopping 1 TB of storage space. Xbox Game Studios CEO Phil Spencer announced this during the Xbox Showcase.

The console is lovely and stunning with a carbon black color scheme. It has the same beautiful design as the original Xbox Series S but with the matte finish of the Xbox Series X and, of course, upgraded storage. However, the main question is how much players will have to pay for the upcoming Carbon Black Xbox Series S.

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Get the Carbon Black Xbox Series X with 1 TB Storage for $349

What is the price of the new Carbon black Xbox Series S with 1TB of storage
Image via Xbox

Microsoft has prithe the Carbon Black Xbox Series X at $ 349. The original Xbox Series S, which had only 512 GB storage, cost the player $ 299. So getting an extra 512GB of storage for an extra $50 is a great deal. Users can pre-order this right now and it will be available on September 1. It means that it will be available 5 days before the launch of the upcoming game, Starfield.

In the Blog post, Xbox Senior Marketing Manager Bree Adams said

“Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your current console or are new to Xbox, the Xbox Series S-1TB offers you another option within the Xbox family of devices. The bold Carbon Black cohasr is the same sleek, modern matte finish the as Xbox Series X and the Xbox Wireless Controller.  This console features the same next-gen speed and performance of our 512GB Series S, now with double the storage so you can download even more of your favorite games to your console, where they’ll be ready to play when you are.

Just a few days ago, Western Digital announced the new storage expansion cards for Xbox Series X/S, starting at $79.99 for 512 GB of extra storage. But it seems like players now have a better deal as getting the Carbon Black Xbox Series S will save them $30. Additionally, Phil Spencer stated that Xbox has boosted the number of Xbox Series X shipments to keep up with the demand.

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