Where to find Hoverboards in Fortnite OG?

Travel in style with Hoverboards in Fortnite

Where to find Hoverboards in Fortnite OG?

Image via: Epic Games

Fortnite has returned to Season 6 of Fortnite OG. Players of the game were excited when they discovered that many gameplay mechanics and items from the older versions of Fortnite were returning. One of these items that players cannot wait to use once again is Hoverboards in Fortnite.


Hoverboards, officially known as Driftboards in the game, are a one-person mode of transport. One of the most unique features about these is that you can shoot, heal and emote all while maintaining the momentum of the vehicle. This is one of the unique features of Hoverboards in Fortnite, although you cannot initiate movement while carrying out these actions.

These hoverboards in Fortnite even allow you to lean forward and backwards in mid-air to build up a “Trick-score”. This does not give you any in-game benefits other than aesthetics. The game also gives you a notification in the elimination feed.

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Locate Hoverboards/Driftboards in Fortnite

Epic Games has randomised the locations of hoverboards in Fortnite. They do not spawn in the same location in every game. Hence, you may find a hoverboard in a particular location in one game, but it may no longer be there once you re-visit that spot in the next game. The spawning location of Hoverboards in Fortnite is random and up to chance.

Locations Hoverboards in Fortnite
Image via: Fortnite. gg

Regardless, there are general areas where Driftboards always spawn, even if they may not always be in the same spot. They’re scattered all over the map, located in and around various named locations and points of interest. The map above displays locations where hoverboards spawn and the number of hoverboards spawning in that particular location.

If you really wish to try out hoverboards in Fortnite, landing in the southwest area of the map will be your best bet. Driftboards are located in close proximity to each other. They also spawn in high numbers there. Landing towards the eastern corner of Shifty Shafts is optimal. There are three hoverboards at the location and four more above and below.

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