Who is Cindy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? End-credits scene explained

In the post-credits scene of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, fans will encounter a mysterious character. Here everything you need to know about Cindy Moon aka Silk in the spiderverse

Who is Cindy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? End-credits scene explained

It’s just been over a month since the release of Spider-Man 2. While many fans have completed the game, most of them are left wondering about the end-scenes. Peter Parker and Miles Morales work together to save a symbiote-infected Harry Connors and foil Venom’s attempt to invade Earth. It also introduces some exciting faces while leaving questions about the identities and how the storyline can continue.

One such character who makes way in the game at the very end is Cindy Moon. While many are unaware of her existence, she gives a significant hint about how and where Miles’ story leads in the future. This article will take you through who Cindy Moon is along with an explanation of End-Credit Scenes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


Who is Cindy Moon?

The first full appearance of Cindy Moon appears in Amazing Spider-Man #4 from 2014. Peter Parker and Cindy Moon, a Korean-American student, were bitten by the same radioactive spider. She spent years hidden away in a bunker. After being bitten in order to keep herself safe from Morlun. Who is a multiversal vampire that drinks the blood of anyone with spider powers?

Peter releases her and tells her that Morlun is no longer alive after discovering her existence. She assumes the persona of Silk and commences her career as a self-proclaimed heroine in New York. Silk had an important role in crossover events such as the first Marvel’s Spider-Verse comics and in her solo adventure. She also faced up against antagonists such as Black Cat and Dragonclaw.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 End Scene
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When does Cindy Appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Miles Morales was at home getting ready for a dinner party with his mother. Rio, Miles and girlfriend Hailey Cooper can be seen in the last post-credits scene. Morales takes Cooper to look at the college application he’s been working on. Rio prepares dinner while Miles and Hailey are simply on their own. A knock on the door interrupts the couple as they are ready to kiss.


After a sluggish camera pan, it becomes clear that Rio’s date, Albert Moon has arrived. Albert is seen introducing his daughter, which is none other than Cindy. We can see her from the back in the scene. It’s clear that Miles sets his eyes on Cindy at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The possibility of seeing yet another Spidey in the fray is hinted at by Cindy’s debut. However, it is unclear if the games will take this turn. Given Peter’s pledge to pull back and allow Miles to assume the lead role as Spider-Man, Cindy may eventually take over as the supporting character going forward.

This is her first time in the Insomniac game universe. That concludes the overview of Cindy’s character and potential future predictions at the conclusion of Spider-Man 2. Hopefully, Silk will debut in the upcoming game or years from now.


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