Who is Evil Geniuses’ Valorant Head Coach Potter?

Meet the only female head coach of any franchised team in Valorant

Who is Evil Geniuses’ Valorant Head Coach Potter?

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Evil Geniuses has strengthened its position as one of the contenders to win the ongoing VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo. They have been lately dominating the competition with yet to drop a map. A big credit goes to their head coach Christine “Potter” Chi for guiding the talented team to victory. Earlier this year, EG was considered VCT Americas’ meme team and no one took them seriously. Everyone questioned Evil Geniuses’ head coach Potter and was asking the org to sack her from her position. But she has shut every critic up with her dedication and actions.


Potter has risen from being a celebrated player in esports to becoming the head coach of Evil Geniuses, which shows her exceptional qualities as a leader. Potter’s ability to turn feedback into motivation without losing her resilience is impressive. Evil Geniuses’ Valorant team exceeded expectations under her guidance. With Potter leading them, Evil Geniuses aims to become undeniable champions, proving that commitment, passion, and belief can overcome obstacles.

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Meet Evil Geniuses’ Valorant Head Coach Christine “Potter” Chi

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Early career

Potter’s journey began deeply engrossed in video games, providing an escape into unlimited digital landscapes that fascinated them. Early on, it was clear their determination wasn’t misplaced when they invested time in developing skills they knew would be incredibly valuable later on, justifying their climb up the ranks when tested against other top competitors. They focused intensely on achieving champion status in multiple versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, despite not having any well-known players from their small hometown at that level before them.

Potter’s love for esports leads to an amazing journey filled with accomplishments and awards. Also as one of the best women’s Counter-Strike players, she impressively won five Women’s Electronic Sports World Cups. Her moves from being an analyst to becoming EG’s head coach for Valorant showed adaptability


Breaking into the world of Valorant

Potter after accomplishing many achievements in CS: GO, she moved to compete in Valorant too however, that was short-lived. She became part of the first mixed-gender roster in the game with Evil Geniuses. She also joined the analyst and commentator’s crew during various VCT events. Potter was promoted as the head coach later in 2021 which was a quite big break for her. Even with a wealth of accomplishments under her belt, Potter faced scrutiny earlier this year for her coaching skills. As the head coach for Evil Geniuses’ Valorant team over the course of two years, critics doubted whether Potter had what it takes after failing to achieve the expected results.

Turning the Tables and Rise to Success

With the beginning of VCT Americas, Evil Geniuses looked like the worst team in the league. They even lost 13-0 to LOUD. It was looking like the time for Potter is up and fans might see a new head coach for Evil Geniuses. But as there is a saying, “Fortune favors the brave”. They crawled their way to VCT Americas playoffs, thanks to MIBR. but it was all up after that. EG went on defeat Cloud9, the team who was looking like a super team and they also beat NRG, former OpTic core.

The critique only ignited a determination within Potter that propelled her forward with a persistent effort toward victory. She showed tenacity by studying gameplay in detail while offering helpful guidance both strategically and encouragingly in a supportive environment that motivated everyone around her. She never trash-talked back those critics and is always seen enjoying herself.

A Bright Future for Evil Geniuses’ Valorant Team

Evil Geniuses is now just two steps away from winning the beautiful trophy of VCT Masters Tokyo. They thrashed both VCT Americas champions LOUD and VCT EMEA champions Team Liquid 2-0 and they just look unstoppable. They will fight VCT LOCK//IN champs Fnatic who are in red hot form. If they manage to contain Fnatic, then there is a very high chance that EG is going to win the whole thing.


Potter’s leadership transformed Evil Geniuses’ Valorant team into an unbeatable force on the global stage. Her extensive knowledge of the game, along with exceptional coaching abilities, played a crucial role in driving this success story, surprising skeptics and inspiring loyal fans. She created innovative strategies that enhanced dynamic gameplay, empowering her players consistently. She also understood the importance of effective communication, which fostered strong bonds within the team and united them towards greater achievements. Each victory instilled confidence, boosted morale, and showcased their championship-worthy performance.

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