Who is Naomi Ross? Know everything about Adin Ross’s sister

Kick streamer Adin Ross has an elder sister Naomi Ross and here is everything to know about her.

Who is Naomi Ross? Know everything about Adin Ross’s sister

People who keep constant updates on the streamer industry are well aware of Adin Ross. The 22-year-old content creator has achieved a lot of recognition in recent times due to all the controversies and the type of content he does in his new home, Kick. However, only a few will be aware of his sister, Naomi Ross who is an equally famous Twitch streamer.

Naomi Ross is an Instagram influencer as well as an American glamor model. Although she has made her appearances on Twitch and also has her account, her streaming activity is quite less compared to her brother. Interestingly though, the Ross siblings started their streaming career around the same time.


The duo played NBA 2K together and gained much recognition as the streamer siblings. Eventually, they parted ways as Adin decided to move out from the house and stay at the Wizza house with some notable content creators such as FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and RiceGum.

While Adin Ross’s fame cannot go unnoticed, Naomi Ross, whom he refers to as his older sister has also been rising into prominence in her way. The only difference here is that Naomi’s career is more focused on being a model and an influencer on social media platforms. On Instagram only, she holds 142K followers at this moment.

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How did Adin Ross’s sister gain prominence?

Who is Naomi Ross? Know everything about Adin Ross's sister
Image Credits: Naomi Ross/ Instagram

Naomi Ross‘s popularity in the streaming universe does not solely rely upon her streams with Adin Ross. In fact, she became well-known in the community in 2021 due to an incident that happened at Wizza house which, Adin moved in just a few months ago. Among all the creators in the Wizza House, one of the YouTubers named Zias did not get along well with Adin.

Once Naomi Visited her brother at Wizza House however things didn’t go well there. Kick streamer’s sister got intimate with Zias during her visit. As a consequence, when Adin saw his sister getting intimate with the content creator, he was unable to contain himself. This took an ugly turn when he decided to vent out his feelings on Instagram as he went live to inform people that he had caught his sister and Zias getting intimate with each other. Although this turned out to be a prank as revealed by Adin Ross’s sister and the YouTuber later on.

The controversial situation turned the spotlight towards Naomi Ross, as fans of the Kick streamer wished to know more about the social media influencer. In addition to this, Adin Ross’s sister has an OnlyFans account where she actively posts content. Naomi has more than 20k subscribers on OnlyFans.


Naomi Ross has appeared in a lot of videos created by his brother, such as prank videos on YouTube and Twitch live streams. However, that moment at Wizza House made her a talking point in the streaming world and resulted in her becoming a notable social media influencer on both Instagram and OnlyFans.

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