CD Projekt Red announces major Witcher 3 update for PC and new gen consoles

Witcher 3 gets a huge update in December. Image Credits : Twitch

After the onset of the new consoles by both Sony and Microsoft, CD Projekt Red has come out with a new and revamped version of The Witcher 3 for PS5 and XBOX series X/S, with all new updates, expanded DLC and all new skins. Projekt Red, in a recent Twitch livestream showed off the details of the new update, and the audience are losing their mind over it. A very major update to the 2015 RPG game is the improved graphic settings. Players can now either play the game at 60 FPS, or choose to play it at 30 FPS, with ray tracing. 

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Netflix DLC quest, and quality-of-life improvements

The new Witcher DLC which had come out based on the hit new Netflix series has also been converted into a separate quest. The event also incorporates Geralt’s armor from the series and ads an alternate outfit for the Dandelion, making him look like Jaskier. Another very exciting update is cross-progression, which will enable players to save their progress across multiple platforms like PS, Xbox and PC. 

The Trailer for the new Witcher 3 update

There are also a lot of quality-of-life improvements in the new Witcher update, especially regarding Magic wielding. Players can now change the left bumper activations which switches between different signs, as the face buttons change to represent signs when held down. This would hep them stay immersed in combat without have to open the menu in between fights.

The map too has received significant changes, as there is now an option to remove the question marks on the map which makes it easier to spot the more important stuff on it. The minimap too has been made more dynamic, as it would make the objectives disappear whilst the players are exploring the world on horseback, also enabling it to easily be brought back with the press of a button.

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Is the PC version getting an update too ?

Along with the consoles, even the PC version of the gae gets an update, with a wide array of customization options, along with ray tracing and a new photo mode too for Witcher 3. There are also changes to the camera, with a more cinematic and dramatic mode added to the game. This new camera mode is essentially an OTS or Over the shoulder shot, which is a little closer to Geralt, and is bit askew towards one side.

Untitled design 88 1 - FirstSportz
The new camera perspective for the Witcher 3 PC update. Image Credits : Twitch

Witcher 3 update was delayed twice

Although the Witcher update was expected to release in 2021, it was delayed twice, till the third party developer started working on it, before CD Projekt Red taking it back in their hands in April 2022. People did lose hope of getting an update anytime soon after the two delays, but Projekt Red did deliver the product as they had announced this month about the update releasing in December, which seems very much plausible. 

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