Euro 2020: UEFA asks the players to not move the Sponsors’ drinks at press conferences after Coca Cola suffers a loss of $4 Billion

UEFA has asked its players to stop moving sponsors' drinks at news conferences

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UEFA has asked the players not to move the sponsors’ drinks during the press conferences of Euro 2020.

The controversy started 3 days ago when Cristiano Ronaldo was seemingly very annoyed when he saw two bottles of Coca Cola (who are the official sponsors of Euro 2020 along with Heineken) on the bench in front of him. He hid the two bottles in the side and instead lifted his water bottle. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is extremely diet conscious and he does not prefer to promote any product that differs from that ideology, and hence this gesture. His smug “Huh, Coca Cola ” after he removed the two bottles, tells us a lot about his resentment towards unwholesome drinks.

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The Coca Cola Conundrum

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Cristiano Ronaldo removing the two bottles of Coca Cola during the Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture caused the Coca Cola company to suffer a huge loss of $4 Billion USD overnight.

The portuguese G.O.A.T, however, is not the only one to remove the drinks of a sponsor during the ongoing Euro 2020’s press conferences. Italy’s Manuel Locatelli did the same in the post-match conference of their match against Switzerland in which he scored two goals. French midfielder Paul Pogba also showed the same gesture, this time with a bottle of Heineken, Euro 2020’s other sponsors. Pogba’s gesture was not related to health concerns though. Paul Pogba is a devout Muslim and Islam doesn’t allow the consumption of alcohol. 

This small move by a few footballers has created a huge stir in the stock market, causing the sponsors of Euro 2020 to suffer huge losses. UEFA, ofcourse, can’t afford to let this continue. Thus, they have taken the decision of prohibiting the players from moving any of the sponsors’ drinks. 

Euro 2020 tournament director Martin Kallen said UEFA has “communicated with the teams regarding this matter”.

He added: “It is important because the revenues of the sponsors are important for the tournament and for European football.”

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Mr Kallen explained that the players need to comply with the tournament’s respect UEFA’s promises to the sponsors.However, he made it clear that players with religious objections “don’t need to have a bottle there”.

“Well, I think there are lots of sponsors in sport and the impact of their money at all levels helps sport to function,” he said.

“Particularly grassroots sport in our country requires a lot of investment and without some of those companies investing then it is very difficult to provide the facilities that we need.”

“And I think with anything, of course we’re mindful of, in our country, obesity and health, but everything can be done in moderation and I think anything that you take part in or partake in in moderation is rarely a problem,” he concluded. 

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