“Every fight can’t be pretty,” says Derek Brunson responding to Dana White’s ‘mental breakdown’ comment

Derek Brunson responds to Dana White calling the main event fight a disappointment.

Derek Brunson takedown Kevin Holland

Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland went head to head in the main event of the UFC Vegas 22 held in Las Vegas. The youngster, Holland couldn’t find much success in the cage as his style played out really well into the hands of Derek. From the post-fight reactions, it was very clear that fans and spectators were really disappointed with Kevin’s performance.

Going into UFC Vegas 22, Holland had a lot of hopes riding on him. UFC aces and fans hoped for a standout performance from the 28-year-old. But much to their disappointment Derek Brunson completely dominated the fight. It was a given that if Kevin Holland won this fight he would be eyeing on that title shot.

Derek Brunson Kevin Holland - FirstSportz
Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland

The veteran did not lose focus and pay attention to Kevin’s talking and distractions. Holland on the other hand started talking to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dana White. The UFC bossman wasn’t impressed with Holland’s show and came out after the fight to criticize him. The president also suggested that Holland might’ve had a “mental breakdown” which led to his lack of focus.

Derek Brunson does agree with Dana though. The veteran thought his opponent lost the fight technically. “No, he just couldn’t stop the takedowns,” Brunson told reporters at the post-fight presser. “He’s a guy who’s very explosive, likes to run in but he’s long so he kind of gets away with it at times.

“This division was kind of built on my back,” says Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson UFC - FirstSportz
Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson feels that Dana White is upset whenever the fight isn’t a knockout or something spectacular. The fight also talks about how he did not get the bonus for the fight against Edmen Shahbazyan. “Dana White’s one of these guys, he’ll be upset with you, I’ll come out the next fight and knock a guy out and he’ll be happy again. It’s all good.” 

Brunson also continued saying that he cannot vouch for a spectacular fight every time he steps into the octagon. Derek’s main focus is to fight as much as he can and win the bouts presented to him. “I went [against] [Edmen] Shahbazyan and finished the kid last fight and I didn’t get a bonus for that fight. Main event. Finished him. Nobody was too pleased with that. So it is what it is.

I come out here to fight. Every fight can’t be pretty but I’ve been here for a long time. This division was kind of built on my back. Me with these crazy fights so it is what it is.” This is Brunson’s fourth win in a row and the fighter could be presented with a top contender fight very soon.

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