“Everything is currently Open” Between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton: Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff reveals that both parties are free after 2021 in Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton's contract

Lewis Hamilton

Ever since Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes contract extension got done, fanatics started speculating on why there was only a 1-year extension? However, Mercedes Principal, Toto Wolff comes forwards to clarify the whole story and put an end to all the speculation once and for all. 

Firstly, the pair took a long time to come out with the announcement, and the F1 community speculated several clauses of the contract and reasons for the delay. Latsly, after the contract as signed, new speculations rose, guess that is the kind of dominance Lewis Hamilton has created which has its own pros and cons. 

Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff on Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Contract 

“The reason was simply a lack of time. We first negotiated just before Christmas. A multi-year contract is more complex than one for one season. So we said we’ll sign this slip for a year now and see later. 

“Everything is currently open to both sides after 2021,” said the Mercedes Principal. 

The other Mercedes drivers present on the grid are Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon, and George Russell. Bottas had a run of bad luck last season that saw him fall back considerably in the championship run. 

However, Wolff clarified, “So there is some variation for 2022, but until then our full support goes to Valtteri and Lewis. We will evaluate in the middle of the year whether there will be a change in 2022. It is surely too early now to talk about scenarios for 2022.” 

Having said that, Hamilton would be the favorite to race for his 8th Championship title in 2021. But will we be able to see the last of him in 2021 itself, remains to be question?

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