Explained: Why is Cristiano Ronaldo nicknamed “Mr. Champions League” ?

Explained: Why is Cristiano Ronaldo nicknamed “Mr. Champions League” ?

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t short of nicknames during his exceptional career. There is the most iconic one ‘CR7’ which has been turned by him as a brand for all of his products. Then there is obviously the ‘GOAT’ which his die hard fan base uses to refer to their legend.

For all the critics out there and the one who doesn’t like him commonly uses ‘Penaldo’ as a nickname for reference. Then there are certain people who are very close to him who refer to him as ‘Cris’.


However, these are certain most used nicknames referring to Cristiano Ronaldo. But there is another nickname which is often used by the commentators to describe him which is “ Mr. Champions League”.

So, today let’s see where this amazing nickname comes from.

Why is he called Mr. Champions League?

Cristiano Ronaldo with a classic celebration after scoring against Atletico Madrid. For what Simeone said - “Messi is greater than the whole BBC combined”. Just Cristiano things

Cristiano Ronaldo won the tournament for the first time with his current club Manchester United in 2007/08. Then the other four came with his legendary spell at the Spanish capital Real Madrid. 


He has won the finest tournament at club level with a record five times and by that he has helped various clubs to get their hands on the prestigious tournament many times. 

Wherever he went he created an irreplaceable place for himself in their history. Whether it be England with Manchester United Or at Spain with Real Madrid his career defining years Or even at Italy with Juventus.

What are all the records that he holds in the Champions League?

Cristiano Ronaldo holding his FIFTH UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trophy rightly proving- Why is Cristiano Ronaldo nicknamed “Mr. Champions League” .

The most obvious one is that he is The All Time Top Scorer of the tournament by some distance even the great Lionel Messi is behind him in that department.


So, following are some of the ASTONISHING RECORDS that he holds in the Champions League.

  • Most UEFA Champions League goals with 140.
  • Even the most assists in the UEFA Champions League with 36.
  • Most UEFA Champions League appearances with 181.
  • Most UEFA Champions goals in the clutch knockout games with 67.
  • Most UEFA Champions League Final wins with 5.
  • Only Player in History to score in three UEFA Champions League Finals.
  • Most UEFA Champions League goals scored in a season with 17 in just 11 matches which is ridiculously good.

These were some of the many records that he holds in the UEFA Champions League. He just comes into life whenever this prestigious tournament kicks in.

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What do Legends of the game say about Mr. Champions League?

Cristiano after winning the Ballondor Siiiiiuuu. Arsenal legend Thierry Henry’s expression says it all.

There is no Prime for Cristiano Ronaldo. As he is scoring goals like drinking water in this career as very well said by his current teammate Paul Pogba.

Even Ronaldo’s bitter rival during his first spell with Manchester United, Thierry Henry said “ I would need two lives to match Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal tally”.

To which another legend of the Premier League Alan Shearer said “ You would have to add mine and Thierry Henry’s tally’s together,” but to be honest still it would be less and that in itself shows the class of Cristiano Ronaldo.


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The Conclusion

UEFA Champions league - NO
UEFA Cristiano league - YES

Although before Cristiano’s love affair began with the prestigious tournament there was a legendary midfielder by the name Clarence Seedorf who also held this nickname as he won UCL with three different clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo has certainly made a name for himself and especially lived up to that nickname of “Mr. Champions League”. Even some of his die hard fans refer to the prestigious ”UEFA Champions League“ as “UEFA Cristiano League”.


Rightly so because he has played in six finals of the Champions League winning five times while losing only once. We as fans are lucky enough to still enjoy his game at the very top level and that is THE REAL FACTOS, rest of the things are just talks.

Thank You! for still holding on

Have a Cristiano🐐 day ahead!


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