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“A great all-round competitor”: Lewis Hamilton gushes over Sebastian Vettel’s prowess in F1

Lewis Hamilton has sung praises of Sebastian Vettel in a new interview as the Mercedes racer talked about the German's prowess behind the wheels.

The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel is one of the most talked-about topics in the F1 paddocks during the 2010’s. While the German was virtually unbeatable behind the wheels of his mighty Red Bull racecar, the only racer who stood up to him and won the challenge against him, was Lewis Hamilton. In recent news, it has already been extensively covered by the media that Sebastian Vettel will be retiring from Formula 1 at the end of this season, and now Lewis Hamilton has commented on his relationship with Seb.

For 4 longs years in F1, from 2010 to 2013, noone could clinch the top spot of the standings from Sebastian Vettel because of the sheer prowess that the German racer showed on the track. But in 2014, Vettel’s career took a downhill path as he could not manage to win even a single Grand Prix with Red Bull, and he subsequently changed his team to move to Ferrari at the start of 2015. And that is when Lewis Hamilton, in his Mercedes Silver Arrow, soared to victory and grabbed the Championship win by overtaking Sebastian Vettel in the points.

Although the two talented racers have had their fair share of competition between them, the two have got nothing but abject respect for each other. Speaking of Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton said that the German is a one-of-a-kind racer, and he is glad to have known him for so long.

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Lewis Hamilton showers praise over Sebastian Vettel for his expertise in F1

Lewis Hamilton(on the left) and Sebastian Vettel(on the right)

Sebastian Vettel has always been widely regarded as the most gentlemanly and classy racer in the F1 paddock. Lewis is almost Sebastian’s contemporary, the two having joined full-time racing in F1 within 6 months of one another. Lewis Hamilton has seen Vettel very closely and is accustomed to the conduct that the German displays whenever he is around his fellow racers. Lewis even said that Sebastian is a “fair racer” who sticks to the rules and never engages in violent racing.

Lewis Hamilton also applauded Sebastian Vettel’s activism in Formula 1. He said, “Over time, we have started to see one another taking those brave steps and standing out for things that we believe in and have been able to support each other.”

He continued, “He has been so supportive to me and I like to think I have supported him also and have come to realise that we have a lot more in common than just the driving passion.”

Speaking of Sebastian Vettel’s prowess on the racetrack, Lewis Hamilton recalled that the German was an “a great all-around competitor” as he kept the racing fair but made sure he put up a strong attack on the opponent.

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