F1 authorities plan to move the French Grand Prix to a street circuit in Nice

F1 officials plan to move the French Grand Prix

French Grand Prix
French Grand Prix

The French Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar in 2018 at Paul Ricard with a contract till 2022, and that contract is yet to be renewed by the F1 authorities. The races in France were criticized first few times by the fans for not being exciting enough, but we did see a beautiful battle between both the Mercedes and the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. 

The French Grand Prix is a historical race, and it would not be a wise choice to let that race go, and is also important for the nation. So, there have been speculations about a different French GP. 

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali recently indicated that the French Grand Prix could be moved down to a street circuit in Nice. “You might not know this, but there is an amazing project with Nice, who wants a grand prix. It’s great, as it proves that other destinations in the country are interested in F1. GPFans quoted him. 

“We are going to look at the applications and study them carefully. Other things could come very soon.”

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“Having 30 GPs wouldn’t be reasonable,” F1 wanting to keep French Grand Prix

French Grand Prix
French Grand Prix

The F1 calendar has been adding a lot of street races lately and already has the highest number of races there has ever been. But at the same time F1 authorities stated that they would not prefer around 30 races in a year, but 23 or 24 would be reasonable. 

The fact that authorities also have to keep other countries in account, countries out of Europe, makes keeping the current French Grand Prix a gamble. But there is a good chance that Nice could be home to the French Grand Prix for next year, in the form of a street circuit. Stefano Domenicali stated that by the end of July, fans would know the status about the French Grand Prix. July is also the month when we would be experiencing this year’s French Grand Prix. 

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