Belgian GP’s future in Formula 1 ‘hangs in the balance’ after inclusion of new venues to the calendar

The future of Belgian GP depends on the situation in other countries

Belgian GP
Belgian GP

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is one of the most beloved and iconic Formula 1 tracks, one of the ‘old guard’ so to say. The circuit has been making large renovations and changes to the track ahead of the next season, but despite that, there might not be a race there at all next year.

According to the Telegraph, the future of the race is in jeopardy and a possible contract extension is dependent on the situation in other countries where new races are supposed to take place. This will likely not be good news to most fans, as the Belgian GP is a prestigious event, and the track more often than not makes for very good racing and entertainment.

However, the event is on occasion completely overcome by the rainy conditions (as was the case last year) which raises questions about driver safety. Last year, the ‘race’ was completed behind a safety car and brought to an abrupt end on lap 3 due to a red flag from the extremely wet conditions. Lando Norris also had a horrid crash at Eau Rouge/Raidillion, in wet conditions.

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Belgian GP will likely make way for other races

Qatar GP
Qatar GP

According to the Telegraph, the event may be axed next year and replaced by another. The maximum number of Grands Prix in a year is 24, and there are new (and returning) events set to come to the Formula 1 world next season.

China, Qatar, and Las Vegas will all be added to the race calendar next season. In addition to these three, Formula 1 also hopes to add South Africa to the race calendar, and it is possible that the drivers will return to the Kyalami Circuit in Johannesburg as soon as next year.

Many feel that the arrival of new circuits (which can pay more) to the race calendar, replacing old and prestigious events, is not good for the long-term future of the sport. Another event, being the French Grand Prix at the Circuit Paul Ricard, is possibly also in danger for the future. However, it is possible that the Belgian GP event may event from the uncertain future of the Chinese Grand Prix, due to the Coronavirus situation and the measures being taken against them in the country.

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